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"Beautiful Horses of New York"

A series of paintings by Karen Brenner

Early in 2011, equine artist Karen Brenner accepted nominations for her newest series of paintings, "Beautiful Horses of New York."

Deadline for nominations was March 30, 2011. Selection was based on the information provided on the nomination form. Karen hoped to include a wide variety of breeds and colors in the "Beautiful Horses of New York" series. And the response was great!

In mid- to late June 2011 Karen Brenner will travel throughout New York photographing the horses selected for the project. She will use these reference shots for the paintings in the series. Horses must be available during that time frame to be photographed.

The "Beautiful Horses of New York" series will include a painting of each selected horse. As the paintings are completed they will be posted in a special section of the Horse Paintings by Karen Brenner website. This special section will also include short stories about the selected horses and photos of the horses with their owners.

This will be the sixth in Karen Brenner's "Beautiful Horses" series. Here are links to previous series: Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Texas.



Thank you to everyone who nominated their favorite horses
for the Beautiful Horses of New York project!


Scroll down to see a list of the horses
who will be participating in the project:

Horse's Name Breed Owner
#1 Stunner G- Tennessee Walker Diane Keil
A Little Bit Of Smoke S-Paint Clint K Moosman
AJ- Always TSH G-Haflinger Brycie Goodell
All Grit G-TB-16 Lia Donovick
Annie M-Morgan Teresa Jackson
Cowgirl M-QH-7 Kerry Brooks- at Brenda's
Dancan's Phantom Colorado Rangerbred/Appy Stephen A. Schoen
Denali and Stiletto Hanoverian & Oldenburg Trish Brown
Dixie M-Percheron George Seibel
Dunscore Final Flight "Dauber" G-Morgan Deb Kieffer
Guinness + maybe Frankie Gs-TWH/QH+Clyd/Qh/Tb Kathy Baxter
Gus G-Mustang Sharon Douglas
James Blonde G-QH KC Scott
Kamy M-Morgan/QH Marianne Richards
Katelin's Fawn M-Appy Katelin McCarthy
Katies Grand Finale "Banner" M-Paint Delores Lints
Keuka Twist “Jack” G-Warmblood Megan Dean
Khallera Mista Baar M-Arabian Laurie Dirkx
Lacy M-Paint Penny Bennett
Lorenzo + Apollo G-TB Lisa White
Lots of Paints Paints Theresa Reynolds
Makem Hagar G-TB Sherry Washburn
Miss Ally Bueno "Allie" M-QH Pam Newton
Missing Renagade "Squirt" G-Paint Kristen Barker
Morning Glory M-TB Joyce Massaro
NN Rapture G-Arabian Terry Jean Yonker
Nola Sota M-QH-Paint Sara Potter
Penrhyn Sword of Hope S-Welsh Cob Laurie Danaher
Rachel M-TWH Linda Palmatier
Raffael G-Arab/Saddlebred  Lorraine Scott Lux
Rooney G-PB Arabian  Judith B. Farrell
Rosie M-TB Lisa Sykes
Rusty Vangogh G-QH Jennifer Vanskiver
Saddleback Scandal M-Morgan Amanda Rhone
Secret's Rising Eagle "Hawk" G-Missouri Fox Trotter Viola Powrie
Shamrock, Dillon & Chugger Variety Joann Long
Shocking Truth M-TB Harmoni Van Etten
SilverFire G-Arabian Amy Barkley-Carey
Sir Duncan G-Morgan/QH Diane "Dee" Way
Smidgy Mini Susan E. Collins
Storm Front Comin M-Appy Jilian Kimball
Suade G-MorganX Vicki Hainey
Sunny Acres Miss Scarlet M-Morgan Kathryn Gallant
Time To Be Dirty G-Paint Gail M. Dean
Trigger G-Morgan Gale Epstein
Until Oscar + Soldier G-Wmbld, G-Must Hailee Greene
Vanguard G-Dutch Warmblood Kathy Haverkamp/Mark Serrett
Wildfire & Dream & 3rd Gs-Appy-Pt & Paint Amy Webster-Oliver
Zips Mystic Knight "Gradee" G-QH Susan B. Nickerson
Diamond M- 1/2 Arab Amy Wiemers





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