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Karen's Horse Paintings Blog - September 15-30, 2008


Something to Chew On
Posted September 30, 2008

I'm doing an experiment that may solve a major problem -- destructive chewing. I know in a previous blog I made it sound like creative constructive chewing... a special form of sculpture done by a very special horse...but that was just one way to look at the "problem." Yes, I'm blogging again about Sorpresa, my Andalusian, who loves to chew things. When I latch a lead rope to her halter, she instantly begins gnawing on the rope. She's chewed her way through numerous fence rails and horse tails. It's a problem. And for some reason, her chewing seems to increase every year around September or October.

Sorpesa looking innocent. She's not!

This year I decided to be proactive. What could I put up for her that she could chew without doing too much damage... and that would not hurt her? How about a dog chew toy? Off to the pet store I went and came home with a nylon tug-of-war/chew toy specially made to endure lots of chewing. I hung it up on a post near the barn. And last night we could see Sorpresa chewing away on the toy! And best of all, this morning the toy still looked great!

The dog chew toy after two days.

Here's a photo - after two days of chewing. In the background you can see the remains of old lead ropes that we've hung up to support her habit. They've been destroyed. It only takes a couple days to chew through the lead ropes.

I'll let you know how long this dog chew toy last! I'm hoping at least until November.

posted by Karen Brenner

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In one of the hackney pony stalls in our barn they have installed a rawhide dog bone. One of the ones for COLOSSAL sized dogs. It has worked for months now to keep the chewing down. - Juliet


Amish Country Picturesque - as always!
Posted September 29, 2008

Living near Amish country sure has is advantages! Three wonderful artist invited me to join them for an afternoon drive through Holmes County, Ohio, in search of photo opportunities. And what a fun trip it was. Pat Gertha spearheaded the trip, and she brought Jean Cook and Ann Dysinger with her. Actually the three were on their way to a photography seminar at The Wilds in southern Ohio. Artist have the most fun!

As we ventured into Amish country, we spotted lots and lots of horses and even a high-fenced pen with deer! My favorite photos from the day include ones of a horse-pulled round baler. If you've ever stood by a round bale you know they are HUGE! Imagine horses pulling the baler that makes them! It takes some strong horses!

amish horses baling hay The pretty town of Walnut Creek is on the hill.

Here is the team as they pass some bales.

And then there were cows. Yes, everyone else in the group was photographing cows, so even though I usually stick to horses only, I got out of the car and took some shots too. I like this one.

pasture with cows

posted by Karen Brenner

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No fair...you guys keep going without me! I do wish I could get out there more than once a year. Glad you had such fun. - Juliet


Tennnesse Walking Horse painting

Tennessee Walker, "Heat," Captures the Heart of His Family
Posted September 25, 2008

When I met Heat (Pride Heat of the Night) it was lightly raining and I was holding an umbrella, which he found fascinating. His expressive look immediately caught my attention as he eyeballed my rain gear. I wanted to capture that moment in his painting, and I really like the way the colors in this piece remind me of that misty afternoon in Michigan when I first was introduced to Heat.

Heat is lovingly cared for by Susan and her two daughters Gabrielle and Alexandra. All three helped me herd Heat around the pasture and in and out of their large barn so I could take lots of photos! What a nice family.

I really enjoyed what Susan wrote on Heat's nomination form, so I'll share it with you:

"A friend of mine called late one evening and told me that I needed to save this horse. He is really special, so of course I said yes. Heat was brought to us late one evening in December 2005, and when he arrived he was 200 pounds overweight, loaded with cockle burrs, full of worms, half his tail was rubbed off, he hadn't seen a farrier in quite a while and had no gleam in his eye. I found out that he was left alone in a paddock for about six years and was overfed.

"My daughters and I then went to work. Through the following year, we nursed him back into stellar health and what we found was truly a diamond in the rough. Very slowly, the light came back in his eyes. He started playing again., but he started to carry an 'air' about him. It is as if he is completely responsible for everything around him -- he is the emperor

"He has traveled all over the country with us, from showing to exhibitions, to pulling wedding carriages. He has obtained many state championships. However, the greatest thing we have discovered about him that makes him beyond special is his wonderful talents with children. He never goes faster than they can handle and he proudly carries them wherever they need to go. He allows them to handle him and forgives them for any of their mistakes. He knows that they too are learning. Between Heat and my children, we all belong to each other and will for many years to come."

Here is a link to the Beautiful Horses of Michigan web page.

posted by Karen Brenner

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What a BEAUTY!!! - Pattyanne


paint horses horse painting Glo with Mabelene

Glo with Mabelene is a Beauty!
Posted September 18, 2008

Glo with Mabelene, the third horse in the Beautiful Horse of Michigan series, is nicknamed Beauty. And that she is! And her owners treat her like a queen! When I was there to photograph her, Jim and Cheryl, her owners who had nominated her for the project, adoringly looked on, lovingly watching Beauty's every move. (Of course part of that was to prevent her from rolling because she was sparkling clean for the photo shoot --- and for a show she was headed for soon after.) Yes, we did leap into action a couple times when she almost to rolled!

Here's what her owners wrote: "Beauty is a very sweet horse and she has great markings. She is very willing and really enjoys people. We 'Love' her so very much. Everyone who sees her remarks about how beautiful she looks and when they meet her and find out that her personality is so sweet, they can't help but smile and want to touch her."

With a name like "Glo with Mabelene" I had to do something feminine and pretty for her painting, hence the pink background. It sets off her bold white and black markings nicely!

Here is a link to the Beautiful Horses of Michigan web page.

posted by Karen Brenner

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Oh Beauty is so beautiful, I really like his picture.
Thank you for let me to see Beauty. - Thelma

Lovely painting, I enjoy your work and your blog - Tracey

Horses at the Country Living Fair
Posted September 15, 2008

Sunday I was on a mission! I went to the County Living Fair in historic Ohio Village in Columbus to scout out equine related crafts to share on my blog. To my delight I found a number of excellent crafters who seem drawn to equine themes. With their permission, I'll give you a peek at their work - and links to their websites so you can learn more!

Old-Tin Folk Art
These large old-tin cutouts are so nicely crafted! If you look closely, you can see that they have a special copper edging hand riveted to each piece. They are from County Products by Ennis Antiques in Greentown, PA. Click here to visit their website.

metal horse
From Country Proucts by Ennis Antiques

From Country Proucts by Ennis Antiques

Wood Carvings
These American folk art carvings are done by William H. Roy, whose work has been featured in Country Living, Early American Life and Colonial Homes magazines. He hand carves each piece from pine and uses special (secret) techniques to achieve the wonderful "aged" finish. I'm glad horses are among his favorite subjects! Click here to learn more about William H. Roy's work.

A William H. Roy horse carving

More of William H. Roy's work.

Handbags with Horses!
These classy handbags feature prints from antique equine images and vintage jewelry. They are designed by Rebecca Ray and sewn by Ohio Amish craftsmen. I especially like the use of halter hardware on the handles, and of course the pictures! Click here to visit the Rebecca Ray Designs website.

Handbags by Rebecca Ray Designs

Whoa - Stop that Whirligig!
Nothing's more "country" than a twirling whirligig! And artists Barbara & Ted Alfred like to carve ones with horses! Here's a link to their website: Whirligigs, and here are photos of two of the ones from their booth that I really liked!

A Pony Express whirligig by Barbara & Ted Alfred

This whirligig by Barbara & Ted Alfred catches the wind on "fins" underneath each horse.

That's Mr. Alfred in the picture too. After personally working just a small number of craft fairs, I've got to say I admire his "booth sitting" style!

Kudos to all the crafters at the Country Living Fair - even the non-horsey ones! The crafts there were very high-end and beautifully done. I've got to mention the absolutely fantastic rug hooking booths.... I wish I could have found a rug with horses! And I must mention there were some excellent antique booths and delicious food at the fair too! This was the third annual event (first one that I'd heard about) so watch for the 2009 fair!

As a side note, parking for the craft fair was at the Ohio State Fair Grounds where we always park for the Equine Affaire and Quarter Horse Congress!

posted by Karen Brenner

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bay arabian stallion horse painting

Nobel Afire MFA - Michigan Horse #2
Posted September 12, 2008

There are some horses that just take my breath away because they are awesomely beautiful. Noble Afire is one of them.

This beautiful bay Arabian Stallion was the first Michigan horse we met when we started our trek through the state. He'd been nominated by one of his owners, Ann Hernandez. She and her business partner Kristen Hornby own Weaver Arabians in St. Clair County, Michigan.

Here's an excerpt from their nomination: "Our stallion hails from an extremely noble lineage. We, his owners, are enthralled by his wonderful movement and gorgeous thick mane and tail, amused by his playful antics, delighted by his gentle personality and forever grateful because his care was entrusted to us as a gift."

Noble was gifted into Kristen’s care when he was a gangly yearling with some health concerns. Watched over and loved by Kristen, he began to flourish and grow into a beautiful young stallion. However, in the fall of 2007, he was found gravely ill in his stall by Ann (who was checking on the horses while Kristen attended her uncle’s funeral). Amazingly this stallion was brought back to health with the aide of the Michigan State University Animal Hospital staff (http://cvm.msu.edu/hospital). The partners now have a treasure to share with all of us who get to meet Noble.

Here is a link to the Weaver Arabians website. I gave Ann permission to use some of the photos I took of Noble Afire on her website. It might be interesting to compare the painting with my original photo, which Ann selected to post on their Home page and on their Stallion page.

posted by Karen Brenner

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It is so fanstatic to see Nobel Afire, he really is such a beautiful Horse.
Thank you. - Thelma

I LOVE Noble Afire!! What a beautiful piece! - Patty





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