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Karen Brenner's Horse Paintings Blog - June 2009


Pathways through Pennsylvania
Posted June 28, 2009

I have to smile when I read this week's quote, because I just returned from photographing 50 plus Beautiful Horses of Pennsylvania! My sister Sharon traveled with me throughout the state. I had my MapQuest notebook filled with directions, but we relied mostly on my new Garmin nuvi for directions from one farm to the next. And sometime it seemed to be directing us "where there is no path." With our tight schedule, we were not in the mood to follow the advice of this Ralph Waldo Emerson quote!

If you have a Garmin, you know there is a little blue car on the screen that represents your vehicle, and a purple line that indicates which road to travel along. The car moves along the purple line as you drive along. It really is super! And for the most part made our trip easy.

But on at least two occasions our little blue car was moving along in a snow white field -- no roads in sight in the little screen! Where were we??? On a dirt road somewhere in Pennsylvania!

I'll be blogging more about our adventures in Pennsylvania soon. I've got to go look through the 6,400 photos and choose 50 that will become the paintings in the series! I love this part of the project!!!

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posted by Karen Brenner

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Take time to enjoy the marvelous!
Posted June 18, 2009

A couple days ago I got to ride at Rocky River Reservation which is part of the Cleveland Metro Parks. The horse/hiking trail is surrounded by the beauty of nature, with a wide, shallow river sparkling along the trail for most the the ride. The flat, well packed trail is perfect for cantering along as well as walking and trotting. It's one of my favorite spots to ride!

Aristotle's quote, "In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous," reminds me of the wonder that is waiting to be found -- all around us! Whether it is our back yard, our barn or on a wonderful trail ride....Take time to find the marvelous this week!

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posted by Karen Brenner

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Santiago Straight On!
Posted June 15, 2009

This is another "mini painting" that I just completed. Santiago is a striking Andalusian stallion from Rothrock Andalusians in Illinois. He's a five-time National Champion and simply beautiful! I got to meet him and photograph Santiago at Fiesta Midwest in 2008.

You'll find more of my mini paintings on my New Paintings web page. And there are lots more Andalusian paintings (including another painting of Santiago) on my Andalusian web page!

posted by Karen Brenner

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Have you looked at the stars lately?
Posted June 11, 2009

"Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars." - Henry Van Dyke

I picked this nighttime painting of two white Andalusians to illustrate Van Dyke's quote. Of course, now I wish I would have added some stars in the night sky!

Looking at the stars always makes me think about how huge the universe must be. If each of those stars is as large as our sun, how vast outer space is! I hope this week you have a chance this week to look up at the stars. And have time to do the other things Henry Van Dyke lists in this quote as well.

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posted by Karen Brenner

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Bob Langrish, Famous British Photographer, Traveled to Michigan
Posted June 8, 2009

Every horse lover has seen the wonderful photography by Bob Langrish. He is famous for his horse calendars, books and posters. I got to meet him at Fiesta Midwest in June 2008, and Maureen Watson, owner of Appin Farm -- and the magnificent Andalusian stallion Confiado -- arranged for Bob to come to Michigan to photograph horses. He and his lovely wife Pam were in Michigan June 2-5 and worked long hours photographing dozens of lucky horses!

Maureen invited the horses in my "Beautiful Horses of Michigan" to participate if they wished, and Bob photographed Gabriel and Noble Affire and the Andalusians at Kay's Avalon Farm. I got to tag along on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning, and got to photograph the horses at those two shoots!

Here are some of my photos:

Bob Langrish with his a super-size camera!

Confiado, Maureen's PRE stallion extraordinaire, checks out that camera.

Confiado - what a horse!

Luke, a Percheron x Thoroughbred cross is so pretty,
.... and, I should add muscular and strong!

This gray Quarter Horse is Oakland County Mounted Deputy named "Guinness"

Another OCM Deputy,  "Boomer".

Loved this horse! He is is a  6 year old
Percheron TB cross from Lexington Ky,
"Asher"  who began his mounted training one month ago.
Look out criminals, you won't want to have this horse
tracking you down!

Relampago ESF, A PRE yearling, romped through the pasture.

This Friesian mare, "Moose," was queen of the day.
She moved through the pasture with calm authority.

And of course Gabriel, the champagne Tennessee Walker, was gleaming as he showed off during his photo shoot! Bob plans to use photos of Gabriel on his website!

And I got to photograph Noble Affire, from Weaver Arabians.
This stallion is simply a model Arabian!

posted by Karen Brenner

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Just Imagine!
Posted June 3, 2009

Do you have a wild imagination? William James wrote, "Anything you may hold firmly in your imagination can be yours." What can you dream up? Could it be your future?

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posted by Karen Brenner

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Posted June 2, 2009

These two little guys were best of friends! It's always fun to go over to my friend Laura Massie's gigantic pasture filled with mares and their babies. I could spend hours there watching the mares troll through the pasture grazing while the little foals frolic together.

With the horse market in the doldrums, Laura told me this is the first year she doesn't have any babies. Everyone is making concessions to deal with the current economy. And that includes me. This painting is part of my new miniature series -- small paintings which I can sell for smaller prices! Purchasing information about this painting is on my New Paintings web page, along with links to LOTS more paintings!


posted by Karen Brenner

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