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Twenty Four Paint Horses

Twenty Four
Posted August 27, 2015

Top Paint Horse competitor Twenty Four is a gorgeous red roan overo colorful! His painting is the final addition to my Beautiful Horses of Colorado series.

Read more about Twenty Four on the "Beautiful Horses of Colorado" web page.



ZH Bostons High Society
Posted August 22, 2015

This painting of Boston and his buddy....wait...two buddies.... makes me smile. I love how horses communicate.

Read more about Boston on the "Beautiful Horses of Colorado" web page.


Posted August 16, 2015

Milo is a roping horse! Look at that speed! He and his owner Jaguar compete in rodeos throughouot the West. Read more about Milo on the "Beautiful Horses of Colorado" web page.


War Paint
Posted August 8, 2015

War Paint, a mustang, was born on the Little Bookcliff Range. Adopted by Inez, and trained with the Parelli method, he is a world-class competitor!

Read more about War Paint on the "Beautiful Horses of Colorado" web page.


Two Paintings....One Horse....
Posted August 2, 2015

Bud - Morgan stallion painting

Bud 2

It was such a treat to get to photograph and paint Bud, an amazing Palomino Morgan stallion!

When we arrived at his home near Grand Junction, Colorado, Bud's owner Brenda let Bud run freely around his pasture beneath the adjoining beautiful mountains. It was so awesome to see this enthusiastic stallion with his golden coat and gleaming white mane and tail gleaming in the Colorado sunshine!

I loved Bud so much, I had to do two "Bud" paintings!

Which do you like best?

Learn more about Bud and HindSight Farm by clicking here. (Be sure to look at the colorful foals!)



Four new paintings....
Posted May 6, 2015

Here are my four newest paintings from the Colorado series.

First, this painting is from the Powderhorn Creek Ranch. We could see Julie's horses grazing in the huge pasture beneath the mountains. When Julie called, they came running! What an awesome experience!

The painting below is of Journey - a draft cross saved from a feedlot in Nevada. He lives at the Wags and Menace Foundation. A gentle soul who has suffered greatly at the hands of humans, Journey keeps a weary eye on visitors. I tried to capture his beauty and caution in this painting.

The third painting features Cora, a beautiful Morgan mare. Helen, her owner, rides competitive trail and endurance and team penning. Cora shares a pasture with the other horse in this painting....They are rubbing buddies.... a special horse relationship ....

The fourth new painting features two special Appaloosas - DREA Okanagan Bluefire and Wanabe Picasso. The two stallions - one 12 years old, the other just 1 year old - have just recently met.

Read more about these paintings on the "Beautiful Horses of Colorado" web page.


Posted April 11, 2015

Claire and her mother are two PMU rescues who are awesome! They are trained in Horse Agility - a sport I was excited to see in action! I've painted them thundering off at a canter. Can you imagine the hoof beats?

Read more about Claire - and Horse Agility - on the "Beautiful Horses of Colorado" web page.


Posted March 28, 2015

Dakota and his owner, Justin, go out into the mountains of Colorado looking for bears! You can see some of the purple and blue mountains in the background of this new painting.

Read more about Dakota on the "Beautiful Horses of Colorado" web page


Joy and Joyful Noise - Arabians from Powderhorn Creek Ranch
Posted March 7, 2015

Time for some springtime colors! This new painting features Joy and her filly Joyful Noise from Powderhorn Creek Ranch in Colorado. What a beautiful home for lots of beautiful horses!

Read more on the "Beautiful Horses of Colorado" web page


Santa Fe Rodeo - Two White Horses - oil painting by Karen Brenner

Santa Fe Rodeo - Two White Horses
Posted March 3, 2015

One of the highlights of my visit to Santa Fe a few summers ago was the rodeo. It was amazing! This painting, Santa Fe Rodeo - Two White Horses, is based on one of the photos I took from the stands as sun slowly set over the desert....The lighting was perfect shining on these two white horses!

You may notice something rare in this painting..... It's a face. Yes, I ALWAYS avoid including any riders in my paintings. But sometimes that resulted in awkward cropping if a rider was involved.

A few months ago I took a portrait painting workshop from Eric Johnson at the Artist's Attic in Lexington, Kentucky. Eric is an amazing teacher! In the two day class we watched demonstrations, learned Eric's color pallette and worked on creating our own paintings under his guidance. This painting is the first I've completed that included a face since the workshop.... and I really am happy with how it turned out! Thank you Eric for sharing your wisdom!

This painting is part of my "Western Horses" web page



Ravenwood Royalty - Painting by Karen Brenner

Ravenwood Royalty
Posted February 23, 2015

A magical place, a magical black stallion....

Read more on the "Beautiful Horses of Colorado" web page


Merlando's Magic
Posted February 8, 2015

Merlando's Magic is a beautiful Haflinger stallion from Rivervalley Ranch. In this painting he is surrounded by mountains and Colorado sunshine!

Read about Merl on the "Beautiful Horses of Colorado" web page.

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Four new paintings...
Posted January 22, 2015

Ah, the paintings from my Colorado trip are coming along nicely! The four newest include a Rocky Mountain horse - perfect for Colorado, and more.... see for yourself.....


Be sure to read more about these paintings on the "Beautiful Horses of Colorado" web page.

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As Promised.... More Icelandics
Posted January

Icelandics and more Icelandics! Here are two more paintings from my visit to Lough Arrow Icelandics in Colorado. The first is a little huddle of Icelandics, and below you'll see Andrea's Icelandic stallion, Skjor fra Bollastooum.....Enjoy!

And if you need MORE Icelandics:
click here to go to the Lough Arrow Icelandic Facebook page!

Read more about these painting on the "Beautiful Horses of Colorado" web page.

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Wishing you a Christmas Season filled with JOY!
Posted December 21, 2014

Christmas is a time for JOY!!! This Christmas, I have a special gift for Horse Painting fans. Download and print a 8x10 poster featuring my painting of the vivacious Percheron, Moose, joyfully bounding through his colorful pasture. Click here for more information.

Have a Very Merry Christmas!



Icelandic Babies - oil painting by equine artist Karen Brenner

Icelandic Babies
Posted December 13, 2014

Usually when you see one Icelandic, you see lots of Icelandics! That is certainly the case at Andrea's Lough Arrow Icelandics! She has a whole herd! This painting showcases two youngsters. . . . And there will be more Icelandics coming soon.

Read more about this painting on the "Beautiful Horses of Colorado" web page.

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Colorado Series Begins!
Posted December 1, 2014

This September I traveled throughout Colorado photographing over 20 horses for my newest series of paintings, "Beautiful Horses of Colorado." It was a wonderful trip through a wonderful state! There were mountains everywhere! You'll find many of the upcoming paintings will have these Colorado peaks as a backdrop for the horses! And speaking of horses, they were gorgeous!

The first painting completed in the series features Akhal-Teke, Aliger.

Read about this amazing horse on the "Beautiful Horses of Colorado" web page. The page will showcase the horses in this series as their paintings are completed. Check back often during the next 12 months as over 20 paintings will eventually be added. Thank you for your patience! It takes time to create art!


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