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Horse Paintings - Page 2 added to Beautiful Horses of Tennessee


Two Spotted Saddle Horses...
Posted July 4, 2016

This black spotted roan, Opp's Im Splashed, is my latest painting from by Beautiful Horses of Tennessee series..... You'll also find new paintings of a mini, a shetland pony and a mule on Page 2 of the series. . . .

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White Horses of the Camargue photography workshop
Posted May 21, 2016

There are are MANY paintings of white horses in my future! Read about the photography workshop I attended in the Camargue in the South of France with Create Away.

Photography workshop in the Camargue

Click here to read about my trip to the Camargue and see lots of photos.....



Hy Tone Kryptonite - painting by Karen Brenner


Two Spotted Saddle Horses...
Posted April 10, 2016

My two newest "Beautiful Horses of Tennessee" paintings Spotted Saddle Horses.... one that almost got away!

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Lil Diablo

Tivio Nina

Two Bays...
Posted March 5, 2016

My two newest "Beautiful Horses of Tennessee" paintings both feature bay American Quarter Horses! Cool, right? I am especially fond of bay QH's since I have two!

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The Carr Ranch
Featured in the Horse Paintings January Newsletter

Posted January 23, 2016

If you like wild horses, you'll find about an amazing connection with wild horses and Tennessee...and see my two newest paintings featuring wild horses that now call Tennessee home.....

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Beau and Lulul - Horse Painting by Karen Brenner

Beau and Lulu
Posted January 17, 2016

Beau, a Tennesse Walker, and Lulu , an Appaloosa/Arabian, are two horses that belong to Taylor, a horse lover in Tennessee. Taylor does barrel racing, jumping and all sorts of Western and English riding.

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Dandy and Friends - Horse Paintings by Karen Brenner

Dandy and Friends
Posted January 14, 2016

Dandy is a huge paint gelding who loves people! His owner, Kathy, loves people too! As the organizer of the annual Buck Creek St. Jude's Trail Ride Kathy gets to put her love into action while raising money for this wonderful hospital.

Click here to read more about Dandy and Kathy.... and the "Beautiful Horses of Tennessee."



Mustangs - horse painting by Karen Brenner

Heads or Tails
Posted December 3, 2015

This colorful crew is part of Kylah's herd of rescued mustangs. They live on Kylah's 50 acres in Tennessee, where they are learning how to live with people. Kylah's dream is to find forever homes for the dozen mustangs she has rescued. Let me know if you'd like information about adopting a not-so-wild mustang!

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Larry - Belgian Draft horse painting by Karen Brenner

Posted December 1, 2015

My newest painting features Larry who is almost our neighbor! I got to visit this wonderful Belgian gelding at his home near Big Pairie, Ohio on a cold winter day a few years ago. He was so friendly! He loved attention and getting his photo taken! And I loved the opportunity to visit and photograph him with his wooly winter coat.

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Posted November 1, 2015

Pastel and pristine, Palomino Quarter Horse, Missy, posed so beautifully for her photos.
It was no surprise that she competed in halter classes in both AQHA and Palomino shows in her younger days. She and her owner Jill moved to middle Tennessee from California and are enjoying the state's beautiful green fields!

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Indigo Blue

Beautiful Horses of Tennesse!
Posted October 31, 2015

Beauiful blue roan Tennessee Walker stallion, Indigo Blue, is featured in the first painting of the Beautiful Horses of Tennesse series! He's amazing! I didn't even know Tennessee Walkers were ever blue roans.....so could not wait to visit Holly and her roans. Holly's training barn was my first stop on my way to Tennessee....actually Holly's horses live in TN, but were training in Bowling Green, Kentucky, which was right on our way as we drove down from Ohio. PERFECT!

And when I saw Indigo Blue, I could see why Holly was so excited about her horses! She had nominated four stallions: Indigo Blue who is 16, BluRay Jose who is 5, IB Blue Denim who is 2 and Bluetopia who was just 4 months old at the time.

After taking hundreds of photos -- meeting even more of Holly's family of blue roans as we toured around - I chose three horses to include in the Beautiful Horses of Tennesse series.

Indigo Blue - OF COURSE! His painting is pictured above.

And.... BluRay Jose - what a sweet heart...and Holly's hearthrob....

BluRay Jose

AND .... a surprise Holly could not wait to show me..... a filly born the day before I visited... IB Lady GaGa...

IB Blue Lady GaGa

What a cutie!!!!

Thank you to Holly for sharing her beautiful blue roan Tennessee Walkers with me!

Click here to read more about these beautiful blue roan Tennessee Walkers on the NEW "Beautiful Horses of Tennessee."

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