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Four March Paintings
Posted April 7, 2014

March sure went by quickly! I've completed four new Beautiful Horses of Maryland and Delaware paintings! R ead about these wonderful horses on the Beautiful Horses of Maryland and Delaware web page. (Scroll right on the page.)

Here's a peek at the paintings:


Lacie and Ka'li - Two paintings.... and one more to come....
Posted March 2, 2014

Lacie, an Arabian, and Ka'li, an Arabian x Kentucky Mountain Horse cross, work with their owner, Rachel, with the TROTSAR, a mounted Search and Rescue team helping to find lost or missing people in Virginaia, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

When they are not working, Lacie and Ka'li hang out together an the farm. They seem to be fast friends - fast as in racing around their pasture very FAST and staying close together so I could get some great photos!

Rachel describes Lacie, her 17 year old mare: "Lacie broke the mold when God made the Arabian. She's calm, cool and collected. Her remarkable intelligence has allowed her to excel in the show ring in Western, English and Dressage."

And Ka'li gets high praise from Rachel as well, "Ka'li was born on our property on a beautiful ady in June. Since then, she has been the perfect example of everything a filly should be. She's calm and patient yet curious and playful She's never made a wrong step when her poeple are around."

Watch for another painting with Lacie - coming soon.



Statesman's Eclipse and Family
Posted February 9, 2014

This is my second painting featuring Statesman's Eclipse (see his first painting below in the January 11 blog). Here he is flirting with his girlfriend. If you haven't read about Eclipse, scroll on down and find out about him and his owner Kate.

The mare he was flirting with was D Bar J Quartus.  Q now resides in KY with her new owner.  Quartus came off the D Bar J ranch in MO a few years ago, along with Kate's big black mare D bar J Tirzah.  

Mogan stallion Statesmans Eclipse

Eclipse and D Bar J Quartus

Another painting from Kate's Morgans is this newly completed work with filly, Heirloom and visiting mare, GRM Darlin Clementine. The pair were awesome - circling the area - Heirloom prancing as if walking on air!   Kate agrees, "Yes, Heirloom was amazing that day...  These Eclipse kids all move like that." Clemy's owner is from Grunden Ranch NE.

Heirloom - Morgan filly

Heirloom (filly) and GRM Darlin Clementine (mare)

These paintings are part of the Beautiful Horses of Maryland and Delaware series.


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Waps Blackbird "Mia"
Posted January 19, 2014

Mia is a black roan Appaloosa with a beautifully intricate pattern of splatters, spots and splashes.

Her owner Susan explained, "A thinking mare, Mia has confidence to assert there had better be something in it for her when we are together."

We saw this play out during our photo session, with Mia not really showing her true beauty in the arena, but, once outside and after a few bites of grass along her tree lined driveway, Mia gave us some lovely poses. It was almost like she was reading my mind - that the drive would be a perfect background for her painting!

Susan's description of Mia continued, "Wap's Spot 2, her sire, is the foundation stallion of a highly respected line of sport horse Appaloosas whose achievements are changing perceptions about the bred. Mia reflects her sire's handsome coloring and conformation. She possesses a proud spirit, yet embodies the sensible trainability inherent in both her sire and Appaloosa/Thoroughbred dam."

Mia's painting is part of Karen's Beautiful Horses of Maryland and Delaware series.


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Buckskin Stallion - Wild Mustangs
Posted January 19, 2014

These wild mustang stallions are near White Mountain in Wyoming (near Rock Springs).

Click here for more Western Horses paintings.


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Santa Fe Rodeo Bucking Bronco
Posted January 19, 2014

Last June while vacationing in Santa Fe we noticed the Rodeo was in town! So after a long day dragging my husband into every gallery on Canyon Road (if you've been there you know that there are over 100 - oh, yes one of my FAVORITE places EVER!!!), we drove over to the rodeo grounds. Turns out this was a professional rodeo! We had great seats for photography, and the sunlight was so perfect it almost brought tears to my eyes! It was bright enough to catch the fast action of bucking broncos! (At least at the beginning.....)

This is the first painting in my Santa Fe Rodeo series. There will be more, although it will be later in the year. I'll be putting the rodeo paintings in the "Western Horses" section on this Horse Paintings website, so check back! There are some fun paintings coming for rodeo fans!

Click here for more Western Horses paintings


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Morgan Stallion, Statesmans Eclipse

Statesmans Eclipse
Posted January 11, 2014

Statesmans Eclipse is an elegant, black Morgan stallion with a beautifully expressive presence. Just seeing him peer out of his stall as we walked down the barn aisle made me smile in anticipation of getting to photograph him in action. What a power pack of equine energy!

Eclipse's owner Kate explained, "Eclipse is one of a handful of foundation Morgan horses who have reached FEI levels in dressage. His soulful elegance comes alive in these movements and he captures the heart of all who see him. I have been particularly graced to be his person. He is my best friend, a dream come to reality, my partner in the dance that is life. What an honor to be uplifted by such a creature."

Kate loves Morgans. She had a barn filled with lovely Morgans - including newborns and yearlings - who were eager to greet us! What a fun place to visit. Keep watching this blog and you might get to meet a few of Eclipse's stablemates.

Eclipse's painting is part of the Beautiful Horses of Maryland and Delaware series.


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Jazz - painting of Morgan mare by Karen Brenner

TMB All That Jazz
Posted January 4, 2014

"Jazz" is a buckskin Morgan mare from Maryland. Her owner, Maggie, described Jazz as "very talkative and expressive... very coy and photogenic."

During our photo shoot Jazz struck this gorgeous pose and Maggie and I knew instantly this would be the pose for the painting.

Jazz's painting is part of Karen's Beautiful Horses of Maryland and Delaware series.


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Year of the Horse!
Posted January 4, 2014

Did you know 2014 is the Year of the Horse!!! It's gotta be the best of the Chinese New Years! I'm celebrating by posting a different favorite horse painting each day on Facebook and on Twitter. If you'd like to join the fun, Like my Horse Paintings Facebook page or follow me on Twitter by clicking on the icons in the right column of this blog page.... .


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Painting of Clover, Irish Sport Horse, by Karen Brenner

Posted December 28, 2013

Clover is an Irish Sport Horse with lots of spirit. She and her owner Andrea were real troopers when we visited Maryland during a very rainy week this past summer. The rain was pouring down, but Clover didn't seem to even notice. She just had eyes for her pasture mates in the next field over. I really like this pose as Clover longingly looks over the fence at her buddies. They waited patiently at the gate for Clover to join them.

Andrea wrote, "Clover is a lovely mare who I brag that she is my dollar horse....She had an injured sole when I decided to take her on 3 years ago. I nursed her back to health in the dead of winter and through that she started to gain my trust. She currently accepts my dabbling in dressage, drill team, trail riding, judged trail as well as camping."

I'm sure Clover's favorite sports are the ones that she gets to do with her friends.

Clover's painting is part of Karen's Beautiful Horses of Maryland and Delaware series.


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Summer - First Painting of New Series!
Posted December 8, 2013

It was a joy to photograph Summer. She seemed to love the camera... And the camera loved her right back! She trotted, galloped and just showed off beautifully! What a wonderful horse to photograph on my first stop on our Maryland and Delaware trip!

And thus, Summer is the star of the first painting in the series.

Her owner, Patti, provided some background: "Summer is a 14.3 hand registered Paint mare with blue eyes. She had done Judged Pleasure Rides and enjoys doing obstacles, along with drill team, trail riding and other disciplines."


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