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Karen's Horse Paintings Blog - August thru mid-Sept. 2008


bay arabian stallion horse painting

Nobel Afire MFA - Michigan Horse #2
Posted September 12, 2008

There are some horses that just take my breath away because they are awesomely beautiful. Noble Afire is one of them.

This beautiful bay Arabian Stallion was the first Michigan horse we met when we started our trek through the state. He'd been nominated by one of his owners, Ann Hernandez. She and her business partner Kristen Hornby own Weaver Arabians in St. Clair County, Michigan.

Here's an excerpt from their nomination: "Our stallion hails from an extremely noble lineage. We, his owners, are enthralled by his wonderful movement and gorgeous thick mane and tail, amused by his playful antics, delighted by his gentle personality and forever grateful because his care was entrusted to us as a gift."

Noble was gifted into Kristen’s care when he was a gangly yearling with some health concerns. Watched over and loved by Kristen, he began to flourish and grow into a beautiful young stallion. However, in the fall of 2007, he was found gravely ill in his stall by Ann (who was checking on the horses while Kristen attended her uncle’s funeral). Amazingly this stallion was brought back to health with the aide of the Michigan State University Animal Hospital staff (http://cvm.msu.edu/hospital). The partners now have a treasure to share with all of us who get to meet Noble.

Here is a link to the Weaver Arabians website. I gave Ann permission to use some of the photos I took of Noble Afire on her website. It might be interesting to compare the painting with my original photo, which Ann selected to post on their Home page and on their Stallion page.

posted by Karen Brenner

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You can put lipstick on a horse . . .

Political Lipstick
Posted September 11, 2008

Yes, you can put lipstick on a horse and it is still a horse! But a funny looking one!

With the politicians all focusing on pigs looking pretty (or is it petty?), this blog would like the candidates to redirect America's attention to either 1) horses looking pretty - in my horse paintings of course, or 2) their strategies for solving the top challenges facing America.

As an artist, I would like to direct your attention to choice #1: Here's a link to my horse paintings! www.karenbrenner.com/galleries.html.

posted by Karen Brenner

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Karen, Great political acumen! I agree with your goals, too.
How can I share this photo with friends?

Response from Karen: Please feel free to have your friends look at my blog! The web address is www.karenbrenner.com/blog.html


Three New Paintings from Fiesta Midwest 2008
Posted September 10, 2008

I've completed three new Andalusian paintings from my trip to Fiesta Midwest. These horses were unleashed into a huge 3-4 acre pasture surrounded by bright white fence outside the event venue -- Roberts Arena in Wilmington, Ohio. What a wonderful place to photograph horses as the ran freely through the pasture! (Well, "ran freely" actually should read "were chased by people waving lunge whips" - but that doesn't sound as romantic, does it?) However you say it, it was a great photo opportunity. The horses were magnificent!

Here are the three new paintings:

Andalusian horse painting

These Fiesta Midwest paintings are part of a new series which will include a dozen paintings. The paintings from the Fiesta Midwest series can be found on my Andalusian web page.

Watch for more Fiesta Midwest paintings soon!

posted by Karen Brenner

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All Horse Parade Photo Collage!
Posted September 8, 2008

Imagine a parade that is all about HORSES! Pat Getha, an equine artist from Delaware, Ohio, invited me and Sue Steiner, a fellow artist, to her home town's All-Horse Parade, bribing us with emails containing delightful photos she'd taken from last year's event. Sue and I decided to grab our cameras and drive on down. And, we had the best time!

As described, this 23rd annual All-Horse Parade had over 500 horses in over 100 units! It was a wonderful parade, and the sunny weather made for a day that was perfect for photographing horses. Maybe I can bribe you to attend next year with these shots I took yesterday!

This year's parade included . . .

four horse team  A four across hitch . . .

tails  Tails up in ribbons . . .

minis pulling cart  Minis pulling carts . . .

riders in buggy  Canine companions . . .

girls in cart at all horse parade  Cute girls with pink cowboy hats. . .

band in all horse parade   A horse-drawn pep band . . .

fairies in all horse parade  Horseback riding fairies . . .

clean up crew in all horse parade  The hard working clean up crew . . .

more tails in all horse parade   More tails in ribbons . . .

mule in all horse parade Mules with personality . . .

three amigos in all horse parade   Great hats . . .

what a hat in all horse parade  Yes! Great hats . . .

eight horse hitch in all horse parade   A magnificent eight-horse hitch . . .

unicorn in all horse parade   Unicorns . . .

zorro in all horse parade   My childhood hero - Zorro . . .

black clydesdales in all horse parade   Black ClydSesdales . . .

And much, much more! Be sure to mark your calendars for September 2009's All Horse Parade!

posted by Karen Brenner

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Thanks for sharing your photos of the all-horse parade.
A parade of all horses. ooooh
Great photos.
Wish it were closer, I'd go. :)
- Lisa

Boy am I jealous. Looks like you three had a great day. Excellent weather, super companionship and so much eye candy! Lucky ladies!!!!!
- Juliet

Your photos are wonderful! I had a great time! I thoroughly enjoyed the company and seeing your beautiful artwork. What a treat all the way around.
- Sue

The horse parade sounded like a great time! Sue told us a bit about it on the EAG member site. Will you be stopping by Congress this year. I have heard the Muralmosaic might be there. (Pat knows more about this)
Also .. Love your work!! You have a great sense of color!!
- Jennifer


First Michigan Horse Painting is Done!
Posted September 4, 2008

Yes! The first of my "Beautiful Horses of Michigan" paintings is done!!! This beautiful paint gelding is "Too Sleepy to Paint." What a wonderful horse!

Of course, you'll want to see the new web page I've created for this special project. You'll be able to read about Too Sleepy to Paint and his owner Jenny. And of course look at the painting again! On that page I will post the paintings and stories about all the horses in the project. That will keep me busy for many months to come! Here's a link: Beautiful Horses of Michigan.

posted by Karen Brenner

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Oh my gosh, that's grogeous! I love paints. He's soooo beautiful. Well done! - Kaye

It is BEAUTIFUL!! I cannot wait to see my stallion thru your eyes!! - Tracy


andalusian ribbons horse painting

A Study in White and Black
Posted September 3, 2008

Millenia TVC, a champion Andalusian mare, is a classical beauty. When I saw her at Fiesta Midwest 2008, held near Dayton, Ohio, Millenia was calmly standing outside in the brilliant sunlight with the black and white ribbons on her headstall freely blowing in the light breeze.

This painting is a study in white and black. The white curving shapes of Millenia's face and meandering waving ribbons are accented by the bold shadows caused by the strong sunlight. White becomes a rainbow of colors. Highlights on the black ribbon have a purple glow.

Millenia's honors include the title of 2006 National Grand Champion Senior Mare. She is outstanding. Take a look at her photographs on the Rothrock Andalusians website.

This painting is the first of my Fiesta Midwest 2008 Series. Watch for more to be posted online soon!

posted by Karen Brenner

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Aiken Steeplechase horse painting

Aiken Steeplechase Painting Number Two
Posted August 24, 2008

Here's the second painting from the Aiken Spring Steeplechase. It is a much closer shot! Luckily all the standing room was right along the rail, so the fans were up close and personal as the horse galloped by!

posted by Karen Brenner

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Aiken Steeplechase horse painting sporting art

Aiken Steeplechase
Posted August 23, 2008

The Aiken Spring Steeplechase is a huge event attracting a huge crowd for a day filled with tailgating fun and races! This was the first steeplechase I'd ever attended and I loved watching the horses racing over jumps. And this is my first steeplechase painting. Most of the horse have already cleared the jump and are thundering down the grassy track, on to the next hurdle.

If you ever go to Aiken, one of the "horse-y-est" towns on the planet, plan your trip to include the Spring Steeplechase!

posted by Karen Brenner

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Andalusian horse painting white horse

Majorio II of Avalon Farms
Posted August 20, 2008

When I met Majorio II at Avalon Farms in 2004, he was a perfect example of the ideal Andaulsian stallion. Even though he was in his senior years, Majorio had an elegance and the presence of a horse that has been admired by many. About a year after our meeting, Majorio passed away. I have always loved this photo of him, and finally took the time to make this little painting. You can read more about Majorio on this website: Avalon Farms Andalusians.

posted by Karen Brenner

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hunt scene horse and hounds painting

Hounds and Heels
Posted August 18, 2008

This painting -- like the one posted August 6 -- features the hounds at the Camargo Hunter Trials. It was so fun to watch the hounds cheerfully following their leader as he rode over the jumps. Some of the hounds decided to take this jump!

posted by Karen Brenner

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Squirrel Attack
Posted August 10, 2008

Today I went riding with my neighbor Sammy -- a little road riding, short cutting around some neighborhood ball fields, up through a Christmas tree farm and then up a tractor path toward the woods. As we turned at the corner at the end of a corn field, I saw a small critter carrying what looked like a 12" pale stick scurry down the tractor path that ran between the tall woods and other side of the corn field. So cute, I thought, that stick is about five times wider than the squirrel.

A few moments later, as we were riding down the same path the squirrel had taken, suddenly a well gnawed corn cob fell from 15 feet above us passing within inches of my horse Ollie's nose. That squirrel had scaled a tree, carrying the corn cob, and tried to bomb us with his garbage! I'm sure glad his aim was not so hot, because I would have jumped out of the saddle if I'd been hit with that corn cob!

Aren't animals amazing!

posted by Karen Brenner

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I can just picture that! Are you going to paint it? ;-)      -Janet Roper

Amazing site good luck! - Kabonfootprint


Camargo hunt scene horse painting

Camargo Hunt Scene
Posted August 6, 2008

The highlight of the Camargo Hunter Trials had to be when the hounds appeared.

So obediently sticking with the hunt master, the hounds watched him closely, anxiously awaiting a signal from him directing them onward. Wherever he went, they followed.

This new painting, with bright red coats and bright pack of enthusiastic, happy hounds, captures the contained energy of the pack and calmness of the riders.

posted by Karen Brenner

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