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Ebony Clydesdales from Wisconsin - painting by Karen Brenner

Ebony Clydes
20" x 30"

If you're gearing up for the Super Bowl, like I am, one highlight will be seeing the Budweiser Clydesdales in their annual commercial..... Well, Clydesdales come in more colors than the Bud's bays! Today's painting features four black Clydesdales from Wisconsin....

Ebony Clydes is home for 40 rare Black clydesdale horses! Wow! It was so fun to get photograph these beautiful horses! I chose to do a painting of Delight, a champion mare, and her foal Denali as they cruised around the paddock outside the large barn with another mare and baby. The mares were very protective of their babies! Later Delight put on a grand solo show for us with majestic high stepping action! These horses are amazing!

Thank you to Tina, who is a fifth generation Clydesdale breeder, and her son Gabe, for sharing their horses with us.

Check out all the gorgeous horses at the Ebony Clydes' website.

Gabe leades Delight out of the barn with Denali following along.





Huslers Deck of Stars - paint stallion

Huslers Deck of Stars
18" x 14"

Huslers Deck of Stars in a black and white overo stallion owned by Julie at MJ Painted Ranch in Wisconsin. Julie described her stallion: "He is a gorgeous young stallion with sky blue eyes. He has been shown some and done well and produces super babies. He has the most sweet disposition."

Julie requested that this painting be dedicated to her late husband, Michael, who passed away last year.

You'll find some wonderful photos of Huslers Deck of Stars on Julie's website along with photos of some of the cutest paint colts and fillies ever! Here's a link: MJ Painted Ranch

Huslers Deck of Stars and Julie



Peruvian Paso Destino

HVP Destino
18" x 14"

HVP Destino is a Peruvian Paso stallion who is a son of champions - and his owner Rita adds, "...destined to be a champion himself!"

Rita and her husband Gordie, tacked up Destino in authentic gear, and they were dressed so nicely - I wanted to include a photo of the three together.

Rita and Gordie

Gordie rode Destino to demonstrate the Peruvian stallion's unique gait. Destino had mastered that high knee action!

Rita also wrote, "Destino is a beautiful work of art both in his looks and in temperament. He has the regal look of royalty and a kind eye that melts your heart. He is wonderful and so trusting; he will always do his best to do what you ask of him."

Destino was a perfect model... at liberty and under saddle.

A special note to Cameron, the couple's grandson, who was on hand taking photos right beside me: Remember my tip to take 300 photos? I did take 309 photos of Destino. (I wasn't kidding.) Don't you love digital cameras?

JW Spirit's Max
18" x 14"

Max is a beautiful black Tennessee Walking Horse with a smooth gait and wonderful temperment. Linda says it best:

"Max is our beautiful black homozygous Tennessee Walking horse stallion..He is very gentle and can be pastured right out with his mares..He was never trained to ride until he reached the ripe old age of 13 and took to the saddle like he had done it all his life..The first day the trainer was riding  him all over our property and the 2nd day right down our busy highway and he just went without any problem..he acts more like a big dog instead of a horse and we love him dearly."

Max and Linda, his owner


16" x 16"

Tex, an 18 year old Missouri Fox Trotter, was lovely! Energetic and so gorgeous as he moved through his grassy pasture. I really like what his owner Katy wrote about him:

"My husband and I trail ride. My first year riding Tex, he was disrespectful, push and barely rideable...but his gait was as smooth as glass and as fast as the wind. I began ground work and now he is 180 degrees opposite. He is smooth, fast, quiet, gentle, light to the touch and respectful. He is my beautiful sweet Texas."

Tex and Katy

16" x 16"

Rudi is an adorable Norwegian Fjord. His "mom" (Holly) is crazy about him, so I'll let her tell you about how wonderful he is....

"Rudi definitely has his own personality! He loves people and watches everything going on around him. He is playful and spirited yet he loves to be groomed. (I've actually heard him snoring when I was brushing his tail.) He acts like a young independent teen age boy!! And I love him for it."

Rudi and Holly


16" x 16"

Wow! That has to be what everyone says when they first meet Wouter, a beautiful massive Friesian gelding from Wisconsin. And if they are fortunate enough to get to see him in action they'll say it over and over again! Wow - is he gorgeous!

His owner, Kris wrote this description:

His name says it all.
Majestic yet kind.
Playful yet caring.
Crowd pleaser extraordinaire.


Wouter and Kris


16" x 16"

Anton is a legacy in the Friesian world.

When we visited his home farm on a steamy hot summer day, Anton's long mane was being unbraided. We were amazed as it flowed to the ground, waving as Anton proudly held his head high. We all walked over to his grassy hillside pasture, Anton was released, and took off at a full gallop, his mane streaming behind. Oh, so beautiful! What joy!

Within three minutes of continually snapping shots, I knew I had hundreds of photos from which to choose to create a painting of Anton. This pose might seem like a strange one for his painting, but it instantly reminds me of Anton putting on a freestyle show just for us.

I wanted to include a quote from Anton's website:

What makes ANTON such an appealing sire; could it be the near flawless linear score that he possesses; could it be the wonderful temperament of his offspring; the spectacular movement that is the cornerstone of his reputation or is it the hair? Yes, the hair; Anton’s legendary hair that is every Friesian owner’s fantasy, the hair that has become his trademark. It really doesn’t matter which of these many reasons that people breed to Anton, he possess incredible qualities that, as exemplified by his talented offspring, are qualities he continues to pass on.

Visit Anton's website to learn more.

Thank you to his owners, Scott & Shelley for letting me include Anton in the Beautiful Horses of Wisconsin.

Anton, Scott & Shelley

Mickey Finn
18" x 14"

Gypsy Vanners are such flashy horses with their dramatic coloring and feathery-ness. Mickey Finn was nominated by Lisa from North Carolina. She wrote, "Mickey Finn is an AMAZING gypsy vanner stallion that has a large fan base in the USA. I'm his largest fan! Feathered Gold Stables in Wisconsin is home to over 30 gorgeous and 'well known' gypsy vanner horses just waiting for your camera lens, canvas & brushes."

Denise, Mickey Finn's owner, allowed me to visit! Wow, what a beautiful farm that was home to such a cool herd of colorful horses. She was prepping Mickey Finn when we arrived, and he is an amazing combination of muscle and "fluff" - and I say that as a super compliment! When he was moving - he seemed to be floating in the waves of his mane and tail.

What a fun horse! And what a fun place to visit. The Gypsy Vanner babies were soooo cute!

This painting was quite challenging for me with the high contrast of Mickey and the contrast of darks and lights in the trees in the background. It took many weeks to complete because I wanted it to really showcase the beauty of Gypsy Varnners. I hope you enjoy it!

Denise and Mickey Finn


ILittletree Bodini
24 " x 14"

Littletree Bodini is a Fell Pony, a breed native to England. His owner, Melissa, explained that the breed is extremely rare in the US. Bodini is an accomplished stallion winning championships in the UK and USA. He has sired 25 registered Fell Pony foals.

Littletree and Melissa have moved to Tennessee. Find out more about them on their website: Dream Hayven Farm.

Littletree Bodini and Melissa



Buzz Bomber
18" x 14"

Buzz Bomber’s owner is right when she says he is one of the prettiest Appaloosas ever! Look at the gorgeous blanket and tail—and the front half of Buzz Bomber is beautiful too! Thank you Becky for letting us visit and include Buzz in the Beautiful Horses of Wisconsin.

Becky and Buzz Bomber



Foundation Morgan mares, Bella and Fancy, in a painting by Karen Brenner

Fancy (Mossrose Windfall) and Mossrose Ysabella
16" x 24"

Mossrose Ysabella is a smoky cream Foundation Morgan horse, a very rare color for any breed. Her owners, John and Jane, raise Foundation Morgans and also have Bella's sister Fancy (Mossrose Windfall) who is the most dramatically dappled palomino I've ever laid eyes on!

Jane let me photograph Bella and Fancy together. The two sped off in harmony, flying around the the perimeter of Jane's huge sandy arena, as the sun began to set behind a row of pines. Beams of sunlight backlit the horses as they ran amid glowing dust clouds created by their playful pursuit of one another. What beautiful horses!

Jane is working to promote the breed. I can't think of any better ambassadors for Foundation Morgans that Bella and Fancy - and Jane too!

Jane wrote: "Bella's sire is a well known reiner and Breyer model, Montana Harvest. Here mother is the lovely Whippoorwill Salus, a California daughter. Bella has an in-your-pocket personality. Her stride at the walk and trot is long and reaching. She has a wonderful working canter. Bella is the sweetest horse I have ever met. She has a no muss, no fuss attitude toward most everything, but is by no means dull. Bella is, plain and simple, an all around excellent working mare. She has an abundance of mane and tail. Women that first meet her think she looks like Starbrite and would make a perfect unicorn or some other type of mystical horse. I have had horses my whole life and she is one of the most beautiful (inside and out) that I have had the pleasure of knowing."

Learn more about Jane and John's Morgans on their website Mossrose Morgans.

This is the first painting of the pair. Another is almost completed.... and who knows, I might have to do more paintings in the future of this lovely pair!

Mossrose Ysabella and Jane

Fancy (Mossrose Windfall) and Mossrose Ysabella 2
14" x 24"

Here is a second painting of the beautiful Morgan mares from Mossrose Morgans.

(see first painting to the left)




18" x 14"

Aragon is a Peruvian Stallion in my Beautiful Horses of Wisconsin series. When I visited to take photos his owner, Bonnie, let me ride Aragon! Of course I have to include a picture:


Aragon was the first gaited horse I'd ever ridden. He had such a smooth gait. It was a whole different experience that riding a non-gaited horse. (As you can see, I was not dressed to ride - rather to take photos.This was the first time someone let me ride one of the horses while I was visiting to take photos. Thank you Bonnie! It was the highlight of my trip.)

But... back to the beginning of the photo shoot. When I first arrived, Bonnie introduced me to Aragon and their full time trainer Segundo. Peruvian horses are native to Peru, and Segundo is a Master Chalan from Peru. He and Aragon put on a riding demonstration for us!


Peruvian horses excel at cattle work. You can see how athletic Aragon is in the photo above with Segundo guiding him in a quick turn.

Next Bonnie got on board. Here's a photo of her putting Aragon into his unique gait. Look at his front near leg! Wow!

Bonnie and Aragon

After that I got to ride... but, since this is my blog, I posted my picture at the beginning of the story.

Aragon is truly stunning! Bonnie described her stallion, "Aragon is a beautiful horse, he just glistens in the summer. He is a character, that loves attention. He is also very athletic. He has a beautiful long mane and tail. His offspring are all very bright, colorful, with head and neck in the correct position. And they have his sensible disposition. This boy doesn't know just how handsome he is, and he is a joy to ride."

What a joy to ride! Yes!

18" x 14"

Chiron is a gray Holstiener gelding. At 18 HH he is so impressive, yet seemed so serene - and attentive to his owner Jennifer. She wrote, "He catches everone's eye when we are competing at dressage shows or if he is just grazing in his pasture."

He was a wonderful model!

Chiron and Jennifer



Appaloosa baby painting - An Incredible Design

An Incredible Design
18" x 14"

If you are a leopard appaloosa fan, you’ll recognize that An Incredible Design is a super example with a masked look to his facial markings. His owner Starla had a pasture full of adorable appy foals—and one would have liked to come home with us and we would have liked that to if only he fit in back or our little SUV.




Diggin The North
18" x 14"

Diggin The North is a new breed of trailhorse—Singlefooter—with a super smooth and super fast gait. Karri, Diggin’s owner, is working to get the breed recognized in Wisconsin as the new “Ultimate Trail Horse” based on gait rather than breeding.



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