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Jules Fourteen Karat
16" x 16"

Here's the first horse we visited in Wisconsin, Palomino Quarter Horse stallion, Jules Fourteen Karat. Wow is he a beautiful horse! As his owner Rose wrote, he is GOLD! "...a Dark Golden Palomino Stallion with a White white mane and tail, tiny head and huge eyes." Here's his painting....

Jules Fourteen Karate lives at Lucky Acres and you can find out more about him on their website.

Jules Fourteen Karat and Rose

14" x 18"

Kira is a spirited Arabian mare who was so joyful running in her pasture. I chose this pose, though, because it depicts Kira's inquisitive personality.

Kira and Kristie


Callie and Her Mom
14" x 18"

When I visited DuWayne's farm I was a delightful assortment of colorful palominos, duns and buckskin Quarter horses! DuWayne had horses of all ages, but my favorite was this little buckskin filly named Callie. She was adorable! She loved following us around and was curious and as rambunctious as her mom was laid back.


14" x 18"

Cody is a stock Paint gelding who seemed extremely laid back. It must be because he's enjoying life with his owner Stefanie, who is a writer.... Here's what she wrote about Cody.

"Cody or 'old blue eyes' is a 'manly' horse, formerly owned by a guy as an active trail horse for 12 years and kept alone....There had been a time when he was a 'horsse in transition', a 'bucker' and an 'undesirable.' His spirit, though was never boroken.Hhe overcame obstacles with grace and went on to make me and a woman, who leased him for a while, very happy. He is now 20 and spends his well earned retirement as 'King of the Hill' in a bachelor herd. As fierce - but just - as this king can be, he is also extremely respectful and gentle with people, especially little children. He is friend, the one I hug when things get tough, the one who always looks out for his herd mates and for me. His pride and unbroken spirit show in his eyes. I love Cody and think he is the most beautiful horse, from the inside out."

In this painting, Cody is indeed King of the Hill.

Stefanie coaxes Cody to pose for me to take his picture.

Cowboys Blk Ty Affair
14" x 18"

Cowboys Blk Ty Affair is an APHA black Homozygous tobiano stallion with stunning color! He was a beautiful model. You can find out more about him (and see some of his babies) at his farm's website:J & J Paints and Quarter Horses.

Jill lunges Cowboys for the photo shoot.


MJK Vanzi King Glo
14" x 18"

Would you believe that this horse is black? Well, he would be black except for the fact that he has the champagne dilution gene. His owner, Ashley, explains:

"MJK Vanzi King Glo ("Classi") is an absolutely stunning young stallion with the rarest color in the quarter horse world. Classic champagne is a black horse with a champagne dilution. Currently there are less than 1en AQHA horses with this unforgettable color."

Plus the champagne dilution gene makes Classi coat glow with iridescence! He's an amazing horse!

Find out more about Classi on MJK Quarter Horse's website.

Blue Joe Glo
16" x 16"

Blue is Jill's personal trail horse. Of course he is a Blue Roan and very colorful! From blue green to blue violet and turquoise, you'll find lots of shades of blue in this painting.

Here's a link to Jill's farm's website:J & J Paints and Quarter Horses.


12" x 20"

Norman is an easy-going Quarter Horse who has many fans! His calm nature and popularity encouraged his owner Wendy to nominate him for the Beautiful Horses of Wisconsin project.

She wrote: "Norman's true beauty comes from within, although he is a very handsome small horse with a super personality. Everyone that hangs around him falls in love with him --from Sharon in North Dakota who gave us a note that said, 'he is something special,' to a hunter jumper barn in Nebraska, at a college where my daughter in Oklahoma, navigating the trails in Custer State Park, barrel racing with a 7 year old in Minnesota, or at his forever home on top of a hill in Lodi overlooking the Wisconsin River. He is a horse that instills courage in others - from 60 year old women, AFS students or youth - by his easy going manner and patience.

"He has given many children the opportunity to improve their self esteem and behavior by riding him through fields or in a show ring, using him in 4H and FFA activities or being a motivator to change their behavior, improve their school work and become more responsible and respectful As my dressage instructor said, 'He is the whole package: Looks, Personality and Try.'"


Wendy and Norman


Buckskin AQHA stallion oil painting - Sportin A Shiner

Sportin A Shiner
14" x 18"

Sportin A Shiner, a 13 year old AQHA Buckskin stallion, was sporting a super shiny coat when I vistied Double J Ranch in Hillsboro, Wisconsin and met his owner Jorlyce. She graciously free lounged Shiner around thier huge arena.

Shiner was magnificient! He galloped full speed, kicking up his heels and showing off his athleticism. He is an amazing horse! And soooooo photogentic! He's a dream horse!

After the photo shoot Jorlyce took me on a tour of her ranch where I got to meet many of her 40 other colorful horses! She had some adorable foals and fine mares. Would you like to see some of them? Check them out on the Double J Ranch website.


Jorlyce leads Shiner down to the arena.

Hollywood Hotrod
16" x 16"

I've always admired black appaloosa horses with white blankets. To me the color contrasts are so dramatic! Hollywood Hotrod sports this spectacular color combination. He's a 13 year old stallion who has earned ROMs in Reining, Working Cowhorse and Team Roping. Talent plus beauty are such a great combination!

This ApHC Versatility Champion lives with his owner Jorlyce and AQHA buckskin stallion Sportin A Shiner (see below) at the Double J Ranch. Here's a link to their website.


Belgian stallion - Major - in oil painting by equine artist Karen Brenner

20 " x 18"

Major is awesome! Major is a major chunk of horse! A beautiful chunk! This Belgian is huge.

Built for work, Major actually does works on an Amish farm in Wisconsin pulling farm machinery in the fields. And when Major went on vacation to the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado last January he come home with a souvenir in the form of a 1st place in the heavy weight pull. If you got to stand beside Major like we did, you'd know he could probably pull a W-Series John Deere combine without straining.

Major was so well behaved and his owner Jeff's son Cody lead the stallion around the barn to pose for me to take photos. Then, when we asked if Major could be turned loose in a pasture for action shots, LOOK OUT! Major's massive muscles bulged as he galloped full force through the pasture. And he was not stopping for anything. Obviously he was having almost as much fun as I was.

I may have mentioned this one or two times before, but I love draft horses! And Major is one of the best I've ever seen!

Major and Cody

Major and Cody



San Peppy Scotch
14" x 18"


San Peppy Scotch it a cremello Quarter Horse stallion
from Wisconsin. He is so quite that Jill, his owner, takes
him trail riding with her family.

She reports he's a beautiful mover and his babies share
his quiet disposition.

You can find out more about him (and see some of his
babies) at his farm's website:

J & J Paints and Quarter Horses.

And speaking of family... Here are Jesse and Cody,
Jill's twin sons and fellow horse lovers!

And some of the cutest foals ever!



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