Beautiful Horses of Tennessee

Tennessee is the 11th state in equine artist Karen Brenner's "Beautiful Horses of... " series.
Karen traveled throughout the state in the summer of 2015 photographing horses for this project.
She is currently working on lots of paintings....There will be over 40 paintings
when the series is complete. Check back often to see the newest works.

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Tivio Nino - Bay Quarter Horse painting by Karen Brenner

Tivio Nina

Tivio Nina is a beautiful bay American Quarter Horse. Her owner Mandy is a professional hair stylist and loves Nina's thick forelock and black ombre mane. I wanted to feature this great "hair" in Nina's painting!

Mandy got Nina when she was just a filly. Together they are exploring the wonderful world of horsemanship
through clinics and riding. They are a great match. Playing together in the pasture while I was there taking photos,
it was obvious they both adore their time together.


Mandy and Tivio Nina

Carol and Diablo





Hay Now Lil Diablo - Bay AQHA - oil painting by Karen Brenner

Hay Now Lil Diablo

Carol nominated her American Quarter Horse, Hay Now Lil Diablo, for the Beautiful Horses of Tennessee...
and I love what she wrote....Here is her description of Diablo:

"Diablo is a beautiful horse. I don't say that because he is mine, but because every person that has ever been in his presence tells me. It's not just his enormous mischievous eyes that sit wide on his perfect head topped by those trademark Doc Bar ears, it's his charming personality. He looks you straight in the eye like he wants so badly to speak to you. He will nip on your arm, coat, cheek or whatever is in reach! And as his owner, he touches my heart daily because he gallops to me every morning like he hasn't seen me in years! He's small in stature, just 13 hands but his bulldog physic houses a heart as big as the moon under a blood bay coat with no particular markings. I've seen him lope ever so softly with his elderly trainer and take steps barely in front of his chest while carrying a four year old boy on his first ride. With me he gives it all he has as he pins his ears and races into large reining circles and sliding stops. He will take care of any rider and for that he is priceless." 

Diablo saw his photo shoot as an opportunity to visit with friends (the palomino in the next pasture - wearing a fly mask) and munch on grass! What a cool guy he is!


Carol and Lil Diablo

Carol and Diablo



Ponies! - horse painting by Karen Brenner

Ace of Spades and Cute as a Button

Ace of Spades and Cute as a Button are adorable ponies! They have taught thousands of children how to ride, participated in therapeutic riding programs and visited schools.

Now they have a special job - teaching thier owner Amanda's daughter Ashland the wonders of the horse world!

Read more about the ponies in my February 2016 Horse Paintings Newletter.

Click here for newsletter.


Amanda and Ashland and the ponies

Ashland and Amanda with Ace of Spades and Cute as a Button




Carr Ranch Mustangs - Dreamy - oil painting by Karen Brenner

Carr Ranch Mustangs - Dreamy
44x18 "


Carr Ranch Mustangs - oil painting by Karen Brenner

Carr Ranch Mustangs
44x22 "


The Carr Ranch Wild Mustang and Burro Adoption Center in Tennessee has found homes for over 25,000 wild horses and burros since 1979. That's just amazing! Paula Carr graciously to me on a tour of the facility. The highlight was visiting her small herd, complete with its own stallion! The herd is featured in these two new paintings.

Here's a link to more information about the Carr Ranch: http://www.carrranch.com/

The Carr Ranch is also featured in my Horse Paintings Newsletter: January 2016

Thank you to Paula and Randall Carr for their dedicated to America's horses.




Beau and LuLu - TWH and Appy/Arabian - Beautiful Horses of Tennessee painting by Karen Brenner

Beau and Lulu

Taylor's mother nominated Beau and Lulu for the Beautiful Horses of Tennesse project as a surprise for her daughter's birthday. It was fun to work with Taylor to photograph Beau and Lulu, mostly because they were in a huge - I'd guess at least 20 acre pasture - along with lots of cattle.

The horses were not sure what was going on when I was following them with my camera. They really loved hanging out with Taylor (who was well supplied with treats) and of course the were happy to pose while nibbling on some grass. But when it came time to get some action shots, hmmmmmm..... they weren't sure what to do. So Taylor chased the pair around the field and that's when they came running towards me! I love the action in this painting... and it's all due to Taylor's efforts!


Taylor and her horses

Taylor and Beau (with Lulu in the background)




Dandy and Friends - Horse Paintings by Karen Brenner - oil on masonite

Dandy and Friends

Dandy is a tall, mischievious paint horse. He shares his pasture with two friends, who joined in the fun the day I got to take photos! The were having so much fun together that I decided to include all three in my painting.

Kathy, his owner describes Dandy as a great trail horse which is perfect because Kathy is the organizer of the annual Buck Creek St. Jude Trail ride in Tennessee!

The Buck Creek Annual charity ride in West TN has been benefitting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis since 1999. It is a weekend of organized rides, great food, an auction, and live entertainment held annually the last weekend in September. Over $211,000 has been raised for this wonderful charity in the past 12 years!! What an awesome event! I hope that I can attend sometime!

Click here for the Buck Creek Trail Ride's website




Kylah's Mustangs Close Up - equine artist Karen Brenner

Kylah's Mustangs - Heads or Tails

Kylah's Mustangs-Half Dozen, horse painting by Karen Brenner

Kylah's Mustangs - Half Dozen

The Fly

Kylah's Mustangs - The Fly


Kylah has a dozen rescued wild mustangs on her 50 acres in Tennessee. Her herd is a colorful crew!
Kylah works with each horse, teaching them life skills that will help them find a new loving home. Yes, Kylah's dream is to help her horses move on to new homes. If you are looking for a resuced mustang, let me know and I can get you in touch with Kylah.

Kylah and her mustangs

Kylah and two of her mustangs





Petey Jo - Quarter Horse painting by Karen Brenner

Petey Jo

Petey Jo is a Reiner, calf roper and reined cow horse. He and his owner, Carly, have competed in the Freestyle Reining competition at Quarter Horse Congress - which is one of my very favorite equine competitions ever! It was so fun to take photos of Petey Jo.... He loved to run! Carly had him going like crazy in his round pen... and in the nearby giant arena. It was a blast!

Carly and Petey Jo

Petey Jo and Carly in the round pen



Missy - Palomino Quarter Horse - painting by Karen Brenner


Pastel and pristine, Palomino Quarter Horse, Missy, posed so beautifully for her photos.
It was no surprise that she competed in halter classes in both AQHA and Palomino shows in her younger days. She and her owner Jill moved to middle Tennessee from California and are enjoying the state's beautiful green fields!


Missy and Jill

Missy and Jill



Indigo Blue - blue roan Tennessee Walker stallion, painting by Karen Brenner

Indigo Blue

How exciting to start off the Beautiful Horses of Tennesse with a Tennessee Walker stalliion! And a very unique one! Indigo Blue is a rare blue roan. He is amazing. His owner, Holly, is his number one fan...and he has lots of fans! Indigo Blue is Holly's dream horse. She is so excited to have him in her stable. Indigio Blue is a champion in the TWH breed and has sired numerous champions as well. I was privileged to meet one....another of Holly's very favorite horses...BluRay Jose....

BluRay Jose - Tennessee Walker stallion - painting by Karen Brenner

BluRay Jose

BluRay Jose is the 5 year old son of Indigo Blue! He is a really sweet heart - and stunning!

IB Blue Lady GaGa - one day old blue roan TWH filly - painting by Karen Brenner

IB Lady Gaga (filly) and Can't Touch this Lady (mare)

When I was visiting Holly's trainers - where her blue roan stallions live - we made a side trip to her vet's. Holly had somethng special to show me...a one day old filly! As we peeked inside the stall, IB Lady Gaga huddled close to her mother, Can't Touch this Lady. How adorable! Of course I had to do a painting featuring this newest Indigo Blue foal.


Holly Schroeder loves  her blue roan Tennessee Walker stallions

Holly has a stable full of beautiful blue roan Tennessee Walker stallions!
Click here to visit her Irish Charm Farm Facebook page.



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