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Paddinton Bear
18" x 14"

Paddington Bear Headshot
12 " x 12"

Paddinton Bear was described by his owner, Jane, as "one of the cutest horses I've ever known. Everyone who meets him agrees. He knows it too and uses it. He makes you laugh when he's done something that you should be really mad at him for."

I couldn't pass up a chance to meet a horse named Paddington Bear! And he is so cute! And unique too, he's a Percheron/Connemara mix! So unique! And so photogenic! I just might need to so another painting of him someday! But I like this one for now!


Jane and Paddinton Bear

14" x 18"

Jessica wrote that she bought BooBoo, a Thoroughbred gelding, 10 years ago "from his racetrack owner who wanted to offload him after he suffered from pulmonary hemorrhaging." She continues, "He has carried me to many a blue ribbon, but more importantly, taught my then teenage self about sincerity, honesty, humility, trust and forgiveness.

"He's the horse that I worked 3 jobs to keep, that I drove an hour each way to see in college. He certainly has the heart to have been a racehorse, but physical limitations led him to me.

"He's a teddy bear in horse clothes. He can take me over four foot jumps or take my nephew on pony rides. He's an amazing teacher."

BooBoo was a real sweetheart the day I visited. It was pouring down rain, but he carefully followed Jessica's sister Jennifer (who had been recruited to assist with the photos since Jessica was not available) to the porch of the barn so I could get her photograph with him. Then he posed perfectly looking out the back barn door -- standing patiently in the bit of sunshine that was peeking through the clouds. When the rain eased up a bit, he diligently trotted around a slick pasture so I could get some action shots.

I used my favorite pose for this painting.

BooBoo and Jennifer


Sunrise Toboso DC

14" x 18"

Margie and "Sunny" are quite a pair! Margie has taught Sunny, who is an eight year old American Paint Horse Breeding Stock mare, some wonderful tricks, and together they entertained us during our visit. Sunny can ring a cowbell, squeak her toy monkey, and stand on a pedestal!

It's hard to believe this gleaming mare had lead a less than perfect life before Margie got her. Margie writes, "I bought Sunny on February 15, 2006. Sunny was standing in cow manure up to her stomach and had a big lump on her hip bone when she was found. Sunny was very shy and spooky when she first came home. It was not long until I started Natural Horsemanship training with her and we started to bond."

Margie also writes, "She makes me smile every day."


Margie and Sunny

Rosewater Cassidy of Chestnut Oak
18" x 14"

When I read Wendy's description of Chestnut Oak Gypsy Drums' stallion, Rosewater Cassidy, aka "Sid" there was no doubt I'd include him in the Beautiful Horses of Pennsylvania project. I must say after meeting Sid, what Wendy said is 100% true! Here's what Wendy wrote...

"Our beautiful boy is simply breathtaking. He is a combination of strength, grace and beauty, coupled with the sweetest, attention loving personality we've seen on any horse. He adores people and other horses and exhibits a playful demeanor when out in pasture with his best buddy, our weanling Drum colt Rhythm. Sid can move with the speed of a Thoroughbred, agility of a Quarter Horse and the animation/extension of a Warmblood! He is beauty in motion. Everyone who meets Sid agrees he is beauty and sweetness all wrapped up in one, plus he is loaded with tons of silky hair and feather that never seems to stop growing!"

Wendy included the story about how she ended up with Sid. "We actually acquired Sid by chance so to speak. In 2007 I was bidding on a Gypsy Horse calendar on Ebay that was being auctioned off by Julie Heise of Wisconsin. I won that calendar, and through emails back and forth with Julie, I told her that my "dream" was to one day own a Gypsy Horse stallion. She raises a few Gypsies each year and told me that her Gypsy mare, Sinead was due in June 2007 with a Gypsy foal. She told me that she can't keep colts and if the foal was a colt would I be interested as she would give me a fair deal as she knew how much I wanted a colt. I told her "yes" but figured it would probably be a filly, and anyway, I had "strict" criteria for my "dream" colt. He had to be at least 50/50 black and white and marked really well, as I don't really like too much white, he would definitely need to have an all black tail, and I wanted a rainbow, or several back & white stripes in his mane and two brown eyes. Also, since I was going to use him in my Drum horse breeding program, he would need to mature to at least 15hh. Needless to say, I was totally STUNNED when Julie sent me that first photo of the colt that Sinead had foaled! He was EVERYTHING I was looking for, perfect! How could I say no? He was the one, and before you knew it, he arrived at our farm in Pennsylvania as a 5 month old weanling, and has been "wowing" us since!"

Click here to learn more about Wendy's Gypsy Drums and Chestnut Oak Farm.

Wendy gets Sid to stand just right.

Springtown Amos, Buamguardner and Jendon Rhythm N Blues
18" x 14"

Buamguardner, a Morgan/Percheron gelding, was eagerly awaiting his photo session, along with his pasture pals, Amos and Blue. I loved the three dark horses posing at the gate and asked if I could do a painting of all of them together. Luckily, the answer was "Yes."

Bum's buddy on the left is Springtown Amos, a 20 year old Morgan gelding. And on the far right is Jendon Rhythm N Blues, a 2 year Morgan stallion.

Of course, Buamguardner - in the center - is the star of the piece!

Pam, their proud owner wrote the following in Buamguardner's nomination: "Bum is now retired due to an injury. When he was active he was a crowd favorite at parades and Medieval events. Every year he pulled a cart with Santa as a passenger to several community children's parties. He would stand patiently while the kids would pet and feed him. Once a small child in a wheel chair came up; Bum dropped his head to the child's level and stood to be petted as long as the child wanted. He was and is every child's imaginary 'Dream Horse' - Big, Black, Beautiful - and gentle of spirit."

Bum actually had two of his "fans" also nominate him for the Beautiful Horses of Pennsylvania project! Diane wrote, "Bum jousts, games, trails, drives, babysits visitors. You name it, he does it. When you look into his eyes, you KNOW he knows what you are saying or thinking. Never seen a stronger connection than Pam and Bum. They are an amazing team."

And Cindy wrote, "Bum is a 'once in a lifetime' horse with his owner Pam."


Pam and Bum

24" x 12"

Fillipe, a champion Dutch Warmblood gelding, moved like a dream. He and his owner Evelyn performed piaffes, canter pirouettes, perfect lead changes and side passes in the lawn of Cool Breeze Farm, where Evelyn and her husband Mark train sport horses and their riders. They were a joy to watch.... I was so amazed, I didn't want to bother with the camera, but of course I had to take photos.

Christine, who nominated Fillipe, wrote, "Evelyn has shown Fillipe in Dressage, specializing in Musical Freestyle, for the past six years. He projects a keen understanding of dressage and moves his body fluidly to each beat of the music. Fillipe has the innate ability to know what Evelyn will ask next of him and displays his extreme pleasure at performing to Evelyn's musical scores. He is a dancer extraordinaire and together they appear to be one. His ears pricked forward and his tail swaying to the notes, Fillipe's performances will bring tears to your eyes and your heart will want to beat out of your chest. He and Evelyn are, for me, the epitome of the dressage discipline."

To learn more about Evelyn and Cool Breeze Farm, click here.

Fillipe and Evelyn


Sietske V
16" x 16"

Sietske is a beautiful Friesian mare. Her statuesque presence and regal attitude expressed to me that she knew she was special. And she is!

Her owner Jennifer wrote: "Sietske V is a lovely Friesian Model mare. Making Model in 2004, she was the first mare to make this designation for her sire Leffert Preferent. She has competed in driving at the Syracuse International Horses show, and was on Syracuse channel 5 during the breed presentation program. Her 2008 filly was awarded a 1st premie and Reserve Champion at her inspection."

Jennifer told me that Sietske is expecting a foal, sired by Nanning, in 2010. Sietke very much reminded me of Nanning, so that foal is sure to be exceptional!

Sietske, Jennifer and Bertha, the rottweiler

Friesian mares painting

Friesians from Dreams Come True Farm
24" x 16"

When Gail wrote about her Friesian mares and beautiful farm I could hardly wait to visit! Of course I love Friesians, and the opportunity to photograph five together in a natural setting (rather than a show) at Gail's Dreams Come True Farm was extremely exciting!

But my dreams were almost dashed by a drenching downpour that lasted the whole hour plus that I had allotted in my tightly scheduled trip through Pennsylvania. Gail has a huge indoor arena where I took lots of photos, but I know from past experience, my indoor photos do not come out well. So after about 40 minutes inside, Gail suggested we brave the rain! Hurray! I put my homemade "camera raincoat" over my Olympus and Gail lead the horses to her closest pasture.

The horses didn't mind getting wet at all - they were too busy chowing down on grass. And I had fun taking photos! I especially like a couple photos I took of one of the Friesians splashing wildly in a huge puddle of water. I hope to paint that someday!

For the painting of Gail's Friesians for the Beautiful Horses of Pennsylvania series, I chose this composition with all of Gail's mares, Wietske, Heidie, Zoe, Carlee and baby Fanee, grazing together in the lovely blue violet rain.

Here's a link to Gail's farm: Dreams Come True Farm

Gail and her husband gather her
five Friesians for a photo.


morgan horse painting

14" x 18"

Truffles is a rescue horse living now in her "forever home" with Lynn, who nominated her for the Beautiful Horses of Pennsylvania series. This forever home must seem heavenly to Truffles with its green grassy pastures and volumetric rolling hills. There is also a picturesque covered bridge right beside her pasture. I was torn between painting the bridge and the lush green hills and plump trees. You can see which won out!

I'd like to include Lynn's information about the very active horse rescue movement:

"Truffles was recently rescued by Forevermorgans, a Morgan rescue group that concentrates on horses that are being pulled from the Kill pens, mainly at the New Holland Stock Auction in New Holland, PA. They work in conjunction with the AC4H (Another Chance for Horses - who go every Monday to the sale to rescue horses. AC4H will evaluate and take pictures of horses that are being held in the Broker lot. These horses are at RISK of being transported to Canada or Mexico for slaughter. AC4H will post info on the Broker horses to hopefully get them placed in homes before the deadline. Forevermorgans rescues, through generous donations, horses that appear to be full or part Morgan.

"It is a scramble to raise funds to purchase these horses from the Broker as there is usually only one week to do so.

"Funds must be raised as well, to provide quarantine, vetting and transport.

"Truffles is a Morgan mare without her papers. She exudes the Morgan type and personality, and is 'beautiful' in her visage as well as her 'soul.' Regardless of her recent experiences, she is trusting and loving and now has a Forever home with me! She will never be in a Kill Pen again. She is one of the lucky ones!"



Bo's Goodness W
14" x 18"

When I read Tracey's description of her Spotted Saddle Horse, Bo's Goodness W, I knew he'd be perfect for the Beautiful Horses of Pennsylvania! She wrote, "He has been giving lessons to autistic children, toddlers, senior citizens and also visits a nursing home every year, since he was 3. [He's 15 now.] . . . Most of all he has been a comfort to me when I was going through some difficult times personally, often sleeping with him in his stall. He also is a great stablemate as he looks after my 26 year old [horse] who was diagnosed with cancer 1 1/2 years ago, and even took the trip to have surgery with his friend. Bo's gentle way and loving heart touches all who cross his path."

And meeting Tracey and Bo's Goodness W was a real treat. He's a beautiful horse, and we discovered he loves getting his picture taken almost as much as he loves serving his community! He was gorgeous as he raced around his pasture with his silky tail gleaming like a sail! He put on quite a show for us!

And it was wonderful to hear from Tracey even more details about how the people in her community look forward to spending time with Bo. Tracey wrote that having Bo included in this series of paintings would, "...let the world love him as he loves it!" But Tracey has found a much more personal way to make that wish a reality -- by selflessly sharing Bo with her community.

Bo's Goodness W and Tracey

Dee's Midnight Flash

Flash (Dee's Midnight Flash) is the first horse in my Beautiful Horses of Pennsylvania series! She's lively and beautiful just like her owner Susan promised! And her lovely blue eye is so engaging!

Here are some excerpts from Susan's nomination of Flash:

"My horse is the all American Horse, she is a beautiful Tennessee Walker Painted horse. Flash reminds me of the Breyers Pinto Pony that I had when I was a kid growing up. She was a neglected horse from birth till she was 4 years old, when I finally bought her. I had a lot of obstacles to get over with her. Flash was never trained or had any human contact. I had to start from the beginning and try to make her trust me.

"Flash has one blue eye which is called an Ice eye and one brown eye. The look of her eyes is very intriguing. When we go out riding people always stop and say how beautiful she is and say her eyes really stand out."


Flash and Susan



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