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Equine artist Karen Brenner's eithth series, "Beautiful Horses of Maryland and Delaware" began when she traveled throughout the two states in August 2013 to photograph the horses selected for the series. Currently, Karen is working on creating paintings of each of the horses she visited. The paintings will all be featured here - on the Beautiful Horses of Maryland and Delaware section of her website.

Please take the time to read the stories behind the horses and find out why each one is special!



Summer - Palomino Paint - painting by Karen Brenner

16" x 16"

It was a joy to photograph Summer. She seemed to love the camera... And the camera loved her right back! She trotted, galloped and just showed off beautifully! What a wonderful horse to photograph on my first stop on our Maryland and Delaware trip!

And thus, Summer is the star of the first painting in the series.

Her owner, Patti, provided some background: "Summer is a 14.3 hand registered Paint mare with blue eyes. She had done Judged Pleasure Rides and enjoys doing obstacles, along with drill team, trail riding and other disciplines."


Summer and Patti

18" x 14"

Clover is an Irish Sport Horse with lots of spirit. She and her owner Andrea were real troopers when we visited Maryland during a very rainy week this past summer. The rain was pouring down, but Clover didn't seem to even notice. She just had eyes for her pasture mates in the next field over. I really like this pose as Clover longingly looks over the fence at her buddies. They waited patiently at the gate for Clover to join them.

Andrea wrote, "Clover is a lovely mare who I brag that she is my dollar horse....She had an injured sole when I decided to take her on 3 years ago. I nursed her back to health in the dead of winter and through that she started to gain my trust. She currently accepts my dabbling in dressage, drill team, trail riding, judged trail as well as camping."

I'm sure Clover's favorite sports are the ones that she gets to do with her friends.

Andrea and Clover



TMB All That Jazz
18" x 14"

"Jazz" is a buckskin Morgan mare from Maryland. Her owner, Maggie, described Jazz as "very talkative and expressive... very coy and photogenic."

During our photo shoot Jazz struck this gorgeous pose and Maggie and I knew instantly this would be the pose for the painting.

Maggie and Jazz

Statesman's Eclipse
18" x 14"

Mogan stallion Statesmans Eclipse

Statesman's Eclipse and D Bar J Quartus
24 " x 12"


Heirloom - Morgan filly

Heirloom (filly sired by Eclipse) & GRM Darlin Clementine (mare)
24" x 12"


Statesman's Eclipse is an elegant, black Morgan stallion with a beautifully expressive presence. Just seeing him peer out of his stall as we walked down the barn aisle made me smile in anticipation of getting to photograph him in action. What a power pack of equine energy!

Eclipse's owner Kate explained, "Eclipse is one of a handful of foundation Morgan horses who have reached FEI levels in dressage. His soulful elegance comes alive in these movements and he captures the heart of all who see him. I have been particularly graced to be his person. He is my best friend, a dream come to reality, my partner in the dance that is life. What an honor to be uplifted by such a creature."

Kate loves Morgans. She had a barn filled with lovely Morgans - including newborns and yearlings - who were eager to greet us! What a fun place to visit. Keep watching this blog and you might get to meet a few of Eclipse's stablemates.

The second painting features Statesmans Eclipse flirting with one of Kate's mares. The mare he was flirting with was D Bar J Quartus.  Q now resides in KY with her new owner.  Quartus came off the D Bar J ranch in MO a few years ago, along with Kate's big black mare D bar J Tirzah.  

The third painting from Kate's Morgans is this newly completed work with filly, Heirloom and visiting mare, GRM Darlin Clementine. The pair were awesome - circling the area - Heirloom prancing as if walking on air!   Kate agrees, "Yes, Heirloom was amazing that day...  These Eclipse kids all move like that." Clemy's owner is from Grunden Ranch NE.

Learn more about Kate's Morgans on her website.

Kate and Statesman's Eclipse

Waps Blackbird "Mia"
24" x 18"

Mia is a black roan Appaloosa with a beautifully intricate pattern of splatters, spots and splashes.

Her owner Susan explained, "A thinking mare, Mia has confidence to assert there had better be something in it for her when we are together."

We saw this play out during our photo session, with Mia not really showing her true beauty in the arena, but, once outside and after a few bites of grass along her tree lined driveway, Mia gave us some lovely poses. It was almost like she was reading my mind - that the drive would be a perfect background for her painting!

Susan's description of Mia continued, "Wap's Spot 2, her sire, is the foundation stallion of a highly respected line of sport horse Appaloosas whose achievements are changing perceptions about the bred. Mia reflects her sire's handsome coloring and conformation. She possesses a proud spirit, yet embodies the sensible trainability inherent in both her sire and Appaloosa/Thoroughbred dam."

Susan and Mia





Ktan Shel Khattab (Lacie) and Flash's Ka'lira Khattab (Ka'li)
24 " x 12"

Flash's Ka'lira Khattab (Ka'li)
14" x 14"

Lacie, an Arabian, and Ka'li, an Arabian x Kentucky Mountain Horse cross, work with their owner, Rachel, with the TROTSAR, a mounted Search and Rescue team helping to find lost or missing people in Virginaia, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

When they are not working, Lacie and Ka'li hang out together an the farm. They seem to be fast friends - fast as in racing around their pasture very FAST and staying close together so I could get some great photos!

Rachel describes Lacie, her 17 year old mare: "Lacie broke the mold when God made the Arabian. She's calm, cool and collected. Her remarkable intelligence has allowed her to excel in the show ring in Western, English and Dressage."

And Ka'li gets high praise from Rachel as well, "Ka'li was born on our property on a beautiful ady in June. Since then, she has been the perfect example of everything a filly should be. She's calm and patient yet curious and playful She's never made a wrong step when her poeple are around."

Watch for another painting with Lacie - coming soon.







Ktan Shel Khattab (Lacie)
18" x 14"

Here is another painting of Lacie
(featured in the painting on the left).


Annie and her Thoroughbred friend
18" x 14"

Annie is a miniature horse trained to jump, show and drive a cart and sleigh! Alison, her owner pruchasted her as a baby and trained her.

Annie is the "babysitter" of the herd - and, according to Alison, is at the top of the pecking order. Annie was having a great time with her Thoroughbred friend, romping around their pasture and even showing off a bit by jumping at liberty over a jump in her pasture.

JC's Keely of Trexel
18" x 14"


Keely is a Frieisian Sport Horse with considerable style! She was just beautiful running with that Friesian action!

Jacqueline, Keely's owner, competes with Keely in FEI Dressage. The earned their Bronze medal in the first 2 shows during the past season, and went on to qualify for the regional USDF championship at 2nd level MFS. Currently they are competing this hear at 4th level and 3rd level NFS.

Keely and Jacqueline

Diamond Dust Sparkles
14" x 14"

Diamond Dust Sparkles and her owner Jen, were competing at a horse show in Bel Air, MD, when we met. Sparkles was - yes - sparkling!

Jen describes her Tennessee Walking Horse gelding: "Sparkles is a beautiful dark walking horse we have owned since 2005. He has a 'Black Beauty' star and four white stockings, and these tiny checks of white on both sides of his neck. He is quite a looker and he knows it! We always see him posing for the camera.

"He was found by accident when we went to look at a different horse, and the seller said 'I have a better one for you!' I was to train him and show him in 4-H, and he taught mom [Denise] how to ride. I do everything with him: English pleasure, western pleasure, hunters, jumpers, barrel racing, pole bending, paper chases and our newest endeavors are endurance and hunter paces! Saprkes can be so lazy at home, but take him to the fields and he wants to run! He races the OTTBs and thinks he's the fastest. Seems like he can go all day. Sparkles is a testament to the versaltilty of his breed."

You can see Sparkles posed for me that day! He has such a "Tennessee Walker" look!

Denise, Jen and Sparkles


18" x 14"

Sheila's gelding, Blaze, is her BFF. With a striking paint coat, a calm dispositon, and multi-discipline athleticism, Blaze is a Sheila's idea of perfection!

Blaze and Sheila


18" x 14"

Shak is a beautiful sorrel Tennessee Walking Horse with a flaxen mane. So "showy" - originally was owned by a little boy who rode Shak in Flat Shod Junior Pleasure shows, winning many blue ribbons.

Susanne, Shak's owner now, explained that Shak's grandfather, Motown Magic, was a World Grand Champion, just one of five World Grand Champions in his bloodline.

Shak has wonderful movement! And was a pleasure to watch as he strutted in the arena where he lives. But I really liked his thoughtful pose in the bright sunlight.

Susanne and Shak


18" x 14"

Rocky is a very special horse, especially to his owner Tracy. When I visited, Rocky had just had surgery to remove an eye as a result of equine recurrent uveitis. He was loosing sight in his good eye, as well, but that did not "rock" his spirit. He was calm, and confident with Tracy by his side.

Tracy explained a bit about Rocky's background:

"Rocky has been in my life now for almost 7 years. When I first got him, we felt he had been abused somewhere in his previous life. He seemed afraid of men and kids. At times when you would reach out to touch him, he'd jump away almost like he was expecting a beating. It was heartbreaking.

Through kindness, patience and a lot of love, Rocky and I did form a bond. I understood where he was coming from. When He'd become frustrated or upset, I would assure him everything was fine. In turn, Rocky took great care of me too. He is a terrific partner. If put in a questionable situation; he stops and thinks instead of reacting. He is very sensible and has NEVER put me in any type of danger."

Tracy explained about Rocky's eye disease:

"Late summer Rocky contracted equine recurrent uveitis. It is a horrible disease that eventually causes blindness in horses. By Christmas, I was told to prepare for the worse. He was blind in one eye, and going blind in the other eye. I am doing everything possible to give him a chance to save the remaining eyesight and make him comfortable...the best veterinarians, surgery, hospitalizations, hours of medicating.

At this point who knows what the outcome may be; but blind or not, I love him regardless. I will NOT allow this disease to handicap him. Together we will figure out what Rocky's normal is, and take it from there...this horse deserves that.



Misty Girl and Troy Boy
Misty Girl and Troy Boy
16" x 24"

Misty Girl - 1
18" x 14"

Misty Girl - 2
18" x 14"


Misty Girl is huge and white - and I love painting huge white horses! Here are two of three paintings she will be in, so watch for more to come . . . the next one will include her pasture mate, Troy Boy.

Misty Girl's owner, Dean, was on hand to help on photo day. He is so proud of his two Percherons! I would be too. They are quite the pair. You'll see Troy Boy is a pure black guy - even bigger than Misty Girl.

Dean wrote, "I swore I would never ride a horse after years of taking my daughter and her horse to lessons once a week for years. I took my wife's horse Misty on a trail ride and was hooked. She is now my horse and one of the gentlest horses people have ever seen. I have been in love with her for almost 9 years now! My wife and I belong to "Old Peoples Riding Club" and mostly trail ride. I have recently been taking riding lessons so that I can be better for Misty at letting her know what I want her to do."

Misty Girl didn't seem to need lessons to learn how to let Dean know what she wanted him to do. Misty was queen of the pasture and very good reigning over Dean.

Misty Girl, Dean and Troy Boy


The Sweet Rose
18" x 14"

The Sweet Rose is a Half Arabian mare whose foals have won 11 National Championship titles.

Her owner, Jennifer, worte, "Sweetie exudes pride and grace; her long, elegant neck always exquisitely arched and her tail well-carried. She is quick to snort when turned out; yet, as a tru companion horse, anyone could ride her on a trail and she has carried the children of countless friends and family. She has waited patiently as children learn how to bathe and show clip a horse and has been the first halter horse of many youth. There is nothing quite as exquisite as a 'white' mare glowing in late afternoon sunlight, mane and tail blowing in the breeze, ears pricked to hear the tiniest sound and nostrils flared for the smalles whiff of an intersting scent with head slightly tucked to keep track of the precious treasure beside her."

Sweetie was a delight to watch as she showed just how true Jennifer's description of her was - running in the mid-day sunshine.

18" x 14"

Jennifer had another beautiful horse in her
barn, Hammy, an Arabian stallion. We could not
resist including him in the
Beautiful Horses of Maryland and Delaware.


18" x 14"

Oldenburg mare, Rachaelrae, is on her way to an outstanding career as a show hunter, hoving won her class at the Devon Horse Show as a foal as well as at the Oldenburg Horse Show that year. She is being guided along by owner/trainer George K. Horeis. Watch for her at future shows!



17.5" x 14"

Skogen is pure power and determination. Compact and muscular - Skogen did not have a moment to stand still - he was pure action!

This Norweigian Fjord gelding is, as his owner Darby says, "a show stopper!" What a beautiful face coupled with the distinguishing Fjord markings, he stands out in any crowd!

Darby writes, "Every judge he sees has commented on his beautiful movement and how handsome and cute he is. He is a pleasure to ride and stunning in photos."

Here's a photo to prove Darby is correct!

Skogen and Darby


18" x 14"

Landmark is a Big Boy! At 16.2 hands he is both elegant and powerful.

Since we were so close to the beach, and Fan, Landmark's owner, offered.... we got to take him in the water! I think he looks so neat posing along the river!

Landmark and Fran


18" x 14"

This beautiful bay Arabian stallion gleams with copper highlights! He was bred by Canterbury Farm, where his owner Joyce's sister first met him. She got him as a two-year old. Now, at eight, he is a super trail horse! And is amazing to see moving in the pasture!




Gran Color Scheme
18" x 14"

Joyce and her girls were spiffing up their beautiful horses - Zamosc and Gran Color Scheme - their two stallions - and Karmel Splash and Kamrah Ready CLF - beautiful mares. It was so fun to see the horses in action.

This picture is of the Half Arabian Pinto stallion, Gran Color Scheme.

Joyce and Gran Color Scheme


18" x 14"

Zara is a beautiful mare. On my rainy trip to photograph horse for the Beautiful Horses of Maryland and Delaware, the final day was by far the rainiest of all. Zara, whose owner was not able to be at the photo shoot, had been entrusted to Jen, her working student, with instructions not to trot or canter in the slippery wet pasture. Jen was very serious about following instructions, so we took advantage of the cool lighting inside Zara's barn. Here Zara wistfully hopes for fairer weather. (Me too)

Zara is an upper level event horse owned by Tracey. Zara has competed successfully at Advanced level events throughout USEA Area II and II, including USEA Championships in GA in 2012. Zara also competed at the two star at Fairhill in 2011. She was raised by Steuart Pittman at Dodon Farm in Davidson, MD. She was trained by Tracey and progressed quicky to the Advanced Level. She has exquisite beauty in additon to her incredible talent.


14" x 14"

Noah's name was so appropriate for three reasons.... first the rain seemed never ending the day I was on hand to take his photos.... and secondly, he is a Chincoteague Pony! Water is part of his life! He had no problem eating and being photographed in the rain!

His owner, Jordan, and he are such a cute pair!

Jordan shared Noah's story and the real reason he is named Noah...

"Noah, a Misty the 3rd was born on Chincoteague Island. He aroamed free with the herd for four weeks before participating in the annual pony swim. He was not sold and was headed for the slaughter truck also with his mom. This is when Noah's life could have been the end, but was just the beginning. Summer Winds Stables bought Noah and his mom off the slaughter truck knowing they were something special. After a few years at Summer Winds Stables, he was sent to Deer Antler for training. After training, he came back to Summer Winds, where Jordan first met him and knew he was the one.

I am 11 years old and just got Noah last Christmas. He is 5 years old and the best thing that has ever happend to me. Noah is a dream pony who has come alive and is making memories every day. He is a very sweet pony with lots of personality. On his shoulder here is a marking resembling a dove so his name is Noah from Noah's Ark. He is a beautiful pony."



20 " x 24"

Moose is Donna's lifetime horse. Moose rides and drives and has done very well in ADS shows.

Donna is known as "Moose's Mom" and is proud of her horse who LOVES attention!

Moose put on quite a show running, bucking and kicking - great antics for the photo shoot! I wanted to paint something colorful - inspired by both Moose and his "Mom" - with her colorful hat!

Moose and Donna


18" x 15.5"

Bandit is part of a pair of beautiful paints we found in Sue's pasture. She was not home when we visited, but had invited us to come anyway.... We carefully entered the pasture and were soon the center of interst - Bandit and his buddy are real "people persons" and would so friendly!

We should have know..... Sue had discribed Bandit:

"...Never have I had a horse with such a peronality. He would reather be walking beside you in the field than eating. He is a love bug and will put his head on your shoulder."

We decided to include both horses in the painting - since we loved the both!


Street Fighter, "Winnie"
20" x 24"

We loved meeting Winnie! He has to one of the friendliest, most playful, curious horses ever! And he loves people! It was so fun to spend time with him!

Megan, his owner, was exactly right when she wrote, "He is a fun and loving horse and has tons of personality. He loves being photogrphaed and always poses for the camera. He is a gorgeous bay geling with big eyes, a big blaze and four white socks. He has been described at horse shows as the 'cutest, most innocent looking horse' by several spectators. They never understand why his name is Street Fighter."

Along with being cute, Winnie is a very competitive show jumper - competing up and down the East Coast. He was the 2013 USHJA Zone 3 Horse of the Year Champion!

Winnie and Megan


Zoe - "She's Got Game"
30 " x 16 "

Zoe is the final painting in the Beautiful Horses of Maryland and Delaware series. Her owner, Cynthia, rescued Zoe, purchasing her on the way to being put down. Formerly abused and untouchable, Zoe and Cynthia have actually rescued each other. Cynthia was ready to turn in her saddle, having lost 3 horses in 3 years, But Zoe came along at just the right time! Within months, Cynthia was competing again, and winning again - jumping with delight!

Zoe and Cynthia


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